Reflecting about the Hallow-WYD again!….

So this is the content of our box this Halloween!


October Suprise!

This october lots of suprises will be given away!

For people who loves creating a website! this one is for you 😀

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Reflecting about the “hide and seek twist”

We have already heard the singing Tax Collectors..

The most popular B.F.F in the WYD world …

and gossiping NPC’s

But what i did a while ago amused me so much and i cant recover about it and probably calls for a sequel . Anyway i performed my daily job of conducting my precious event the “where am i” also known as the hide and seek.

Instead of doing the usal 3 listed things  above i realized that i created a whole story divided into three parts and every part means a new hideout so for those who miss the story of Kephra about the Lonely King! let me share it with you…

Kephra: Want to hear a very lonely story WYDIANS?

Kephra: This story is about a lonely king…

Once upon a time there was a lonely king
Living in the DARKest place of his lonely kingdom
Together with his lonely GOLDEN royal lonely servants
Sitting on his SKELETON THRONE all day makes him feel EMO.
But everytime he saw his 2 SKELETON PETS..
A smile will mark on his face.
i hope that our lonely king will be happy someday

Can someone find him and makes him happy?

The lonely king made a very terrible mistake!
His standing on the SHIPS deck and he jumped over the cold WATER
He probably wants to end his life by DROWNING himself..
into a RIVER full of AQUATIC animals.
Its not to late to save him

Please save the lonely king!

The lonely king realized that there is no point for being lonely
And he decided to view things differently
To be able to divert his attention from loneliness
He started a new hobby. A hobby that makes him happy
At the same time it brings life to the wonderful world
So he decided to go to AZRAN and find the person who will help him
You heard it right guys and dolls. The king started a GARDENING hobby
and implemented a Khersup Reforestation program…
And they plant happily ever after!

The End….

Some said that the story is so emo while some said its just a waste of time but i said i enjoyed it rather than the  usual First Clue… Second Clue  bore  i mean sequence of giving clues.

Talk about giving a twist on simple events such as this…

In my opinion the Lonely King Deserves a sequel and who will be watching about his life story? You!

x o x o

CM Dhar

WYDEO Watch and Win is extended!

Who said that we ended the helpful and the wonderul WYDEO watch and win attendance event?

Fret not my dear WYDIANS. We are informing you that the event is still on-going and probably be a part of our system.  That means there will be no tentative date to end it.

Every week we will be changing the video and it will be about the Guild Wars!

And for our maiden coverage. we would like to present to you the battle that happened last sunday in Server 1. ZEUS VS. THEBALANCE, The Battle of Armia.

So say cheese and wear your best outfit during guild wars!. You never know if were taking a video of your guilds fight 😉

For more information about this event kindly click this link.

WYDians Journal 2 Winners (September 6)

Attention WYDIAN’s!

We are happy to announce the first batch of daily winners for the WYDIANS Journal season 2!

September 6, 2008







They will be receiving 10 Laktorerium Powders.






They will be receiving 5 Laktorerium Powders.












They will be receiving 5 Oriharukon Powders.

In every contest we have rules to follow and we regret to inform you that the following blogger is disqualified


Reason : Disqualification for not following the Rule # 4

Please keep in mind that you must link “The CM Lair”, The CM’s personal blogs (optional) and “The WYD Global Official Site” to the blogroll or blog list of your blog.

To know how to put a link to your blog kindly read this.

If you want to be informed about the most recent and updated news about the WYDIANS Journal Season 2 kindly read this ARTICLE.

For more information about this event, kindly visit the COMMUNITY MANAGERS BLOG.

Please keep your blog updated and follow the rules for a chance to become one of the lucky winners of the grand prize at the end of the month.

Thank you and Happy Blogging 🙂

Back to Back Events and Promo!

Whats New After the Maintenance?

Here are the updates to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on August 11, 2008.

Game Updates:

♦ Modified Price on Nell

♦ Guild Assembly on Saturday 20:00 – 22:00 Game Time (August 30,2008)

♦ Unisus Essence are now available on Nell

♦ Silver Wyden are now available on Nell

New Event:

♦ Mystic Journey Event

All event items on Mystic Journey Event will be deleted after the event period

Good luck and have fun!

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[WYDIANS JOURNAL]The Blogging goes on and on…. (week 3-week 5)

Hello Guys and Dolls

To keep you guys updated we set a new rule in the WYDIANS Journal Contest.

So to active WYD Bloggers out there please make sure to read this new protocol

Thank You and Have a Happy Blogging Day 🙂