October Suprise!

This october lots of suprises will be given away!

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Reflecting about “September”

Summer has come and passed

The innocent can never last

Wake me up when September ends

Enough with the summer activities and yes you don’t want to wake up when September ends because I will turn the sleeping community to a busy body this month.

Remember the not so famous “Dora-wannabee” aka “Griffin Master the Explorer Award” last Wydians Journal season? Oh well this might be a good news for the faithful followers of the Dora *cough* Griffin Master. Since you want it you’ve got it! Every day I will capture my Kodak moment in a random place  inside the continent of Khersup. All you need to do is to find that place take a screenshot of it and remember the coordinates. Easy right as easy as playing a hide and seek.

You’ve noticed that we have lots of event happening in the European particularly in Poland and American region but fret not South East Asian gamers’ I’ve got something in my sleeve dedicated for you guys and dolls but it doesn’t mean that gamers from other regions cant join! Remember the Friendster thingamajig that I blogged a month ago? Well it will now come into materialization (ohh whatta word!). So attention FRIENDSTER USERS! All you need to do here is to become a Fan of WYD GLOBAL (the fan profile will be announced sooner or later) and watch out for the extraordinary things that I’ll be asking every week. So all you need to do is to add sugar, spice and everything nice to your creative juices!

Still not getting a hang out Alia’s Motivational slash De Motivational funny WYD related posters? Well it will be a good idea if to make one right?

And also try to collect shouts and boost up your brain with the use of lucky boosters! I mean by reading anything under the sun because your knowledge will become handy by the end of the month! Keep in mind that “Knowledge is Power” don’t just play guys and dolls!

“We are the Champions my friend…”
“And will keep on fighting till the end…

Will the ex-champs defend their crown? Because on September 30 we will be announcing the September monthly winners of WYDIANS Journal Season 2.

Remember Community Events always requires a piece of creativity!

Both of the events will probably be held next week September 08 to October 07.

Subject may prior to change.

There are lots of things to do in September what have you done lately? anyway

Still want to wake up when September ends?

RPG SHOP September Promo!

Period : September 2008
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Back to Back Events and Promo!

Whats New After the Maintenance?

Here are the updates to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on August 11, 2008.

Game Updates:

♦ Modified Price on Nell

♦ Guild Assembly on Saturday 20:00 – 22:00 Game Time (August 30,2008)

♦ Unisus Essence are now available on Nell

♦ Silver Wyden are now available on Nell

New Event:

♦ Mystic Journey Event

All event items on Mystic Journey Event will be deleted after the event period

Good luck and have fun!

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