Reflecting about “the scouts”.

A week of application, 3 days of intensive training and a day for evaluation. 15 people managed to reached the final spot!

The team have decided the final verdict:


Some people might know the people who will use any of the name listed on the image above. So congratulations to those who passed the training period and i hope there will be no hard feelings for those who didn’t make into the final cut.

Attention players from Poland! i am still accepting CS application from your country so for those who have the guts to what it takes to be. kindly submit your application to and make sure that you follow my instruction carefully.


Reflecting about “a blind person”

Have you ever experience being nervous at a time of your life. Do you remember your very first job interview or school interview with your headmaster? Those times that your body shivers, hands trembling and blurry visions. I bet you did because I know they did!

After a week of intensive filtering of the applicants we decided to meet those who applied in-game. Most of the applicant we meet feels nervous at first which is quite inevitable especially if you are applying for a job.


A common conversation during the interview….

So when an applicant faces the interviewers namely (tabbed) “Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and even Ryan Seacrest ( Me of course , CM Mickey, GM Stark, CM Taiga with special appearance of GM Helius, Scary and Evil Ghost ) they can’t help themselves but to sing at the same time.


Association of Interrogators.

We asked the applicants questions ranging from their personal life, Situational, 10 seconds drill as well as some top and difficult beauty pageant our personal favorite…

“How can you describe WYD to a blind person since birth”?

Let me share you some memorable lines from the scout applicants during that “stage”…


To see is to believe…


Wider range…


Decapitated head cause Blindness.. seriously.


A picture paints a thousand words..



Sometimes applicants performs some unexpected things...


But at the end of the day we leaner something new…


Now that the interview phase has already ended. All i can say is that you guys did well and good luck to your application. So the next step will be the “Examination” so do your best!

Reflecting about “+1 to age!”

Looks like my blog is crying for update! Did anyone miss me and I am asking for apologies for the lack of updated in this pretty little world. Anyway so here are some head ups about the latest “this and that’s while I am away from the blogosphere…

The Reasons to Celebrate.

Give your self a pat in the head for  being a part of creating a milestone by reaching 100,000+ Unique visitors in the CM;s blog!

And of course i express my gratitude for all those who remember and greet me thru the forums… +1 to my age! The celebration can be found here.

The Forum  Community.

Another reason to celebrate in the Game Networks Forum.

I can never explain the happiness that I felt when I see the Game Networks forum alive. As you know it used to be a “dump site” and people are not even aware of its existence. But look at it now! It is like a phoenix rising from its ashes. Wydian’s are continuously joining and participating in online discussion and sometimes e-drama which are quite essential for the forum community.

So let me express my gratitude to the players/forum users who keeps on inviting their friends to make our forum alive.

The New CM.


Meet CM Mickey my lovely assistant in handling our beloved community. If I am not around in-game they she will be there. Just be nice to her ok and don’t give her a headache! She’s still on the process of learning how to become one!

The Scouts

So who wants to be my assistant (beside CM Mickey of course)? First of all guys and dolls the job of a Community Scout is not a games we are doing some serious business here. Imagine you will act as some sort of a Community Manager of the person who speaks your common language or residing in your respective continent?

With great power comes great responsibility… and also great rewards that can be doubled! You heard it right doubled depends on the circumstances.

Anyway I already observed those applicants who applies just for the “rewards”.. . (The reward is really tempting but hey although it’s a part of our objective there is still a price to pay.)

I just noticed that some applicants didn’t even bother to read the instruction on the event page and that will result on either a bad impression from me of course or totally rejecting their applications.

Most of you guys received my email reply right? And I’m serious about it. Consider interacting in our forums a part of the screening process.

So for now good luck future scouts I wish you all the best.

The Updates.

Getting bored with the current game play? Well here is something to look forward to. Somewhat big is coming to town?  Talk about the Spanish word “Quatro”? Ring a bell guys and dolls or you still don’t have a clue? We already received the patches from the developers and the team is currently busy on the localization and testing of the Episode 4 Patch aka 7.53.

There is no tentative date for its release but if ever we finished the localization process earlier as expected then it will be good!

I will post some “what to expect” stuff in this blog soon…

So better watch out and better not cry because episode 4 is coming to town! Hopefully by Christmas (or earlier!).

Reflecting about “Cat Fights”

Hello Guys and Dolls looks who’s back on track. First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of blog updates in the past few weeks for the reason that I’ve been busy on informing online communities about the latest updates and development of you know what.

Talking about “Guys and Dolls”.

Many of the WYDian’s are wondering why i greeted them with “Hello Guys and Dolls” and not just the Usual Hello or Hi? Well its kind of boring if i just say the usual so i have to think of a different way.

Anyway just to clarify something for those poor souls who who misunderstood the text that i encode. I do refer girls as dolls in my greeting context but it doesn’t mean that i treat them like one.

My greeting came from a musical as well as a movie.

Talking about other Community Manager’s.

Officially i am the only Community Manager that you can find in game. I know that we used to have 4 CM’s who handles the community. So where are the other CM’s? The answer will be Its either they resigned or got transffered to “Another Job that is much SUITABLE for them.”

Since the Halloween is a few sleeps to go our team decided to release a new costume to be added to your dress up collection. For screen shot and PR purposes I asked my team for those costumes  so if ever you want to have the form  of the macho cat man or do you miss my first form the “big bad cat” ( Also the form of GM Fury and Hyperion) .  Then this costume is a must-have!

Making Fun of it!

A while ago I’ve lend my other costume a “Kalintz Cat Woman Costume” which I cannot wear obviously to GM Freya for the sake of taking screen shot

When Freya finally wears the costume the playful me strikes back and attacked her to show a literal “CAT FIGHT”.  And here’s what I got!

Freya’s creative juices is overflowing making her role play a role of a Cat Wife beating his Cat Husband for coming home late!

Don’t “Meow Meow” to me! We really portrayed a literal cat fight aren’t we?

pr0n Power Works?…

I am really a fun of guild wars myself and i never fail to watch exciting fights between guilds and what amuses me today is the fight between AUTHORITY and EXTERMINO..

Let this random quotes from players explain to you why i got amused.

Talking about putting spice to a sleeping competitiveness of guilds?

That’s all for now and make sure that you check my post below about the upcoming “Whats hot and Whats Not?” this season.

Shout Event.

This ultra cool event will unfortunately end in tuesday but! If you want this event to get extended the Vote for it now! The outcome will depend your vote so call your friends and vote!

Reflecting about Battle Dungeons!

Because of our high registration this month WYD Global Team is proud to announce the addition of a new system update, the Battle Dungeons as sign of our warm appreciation to the continuous support of our gamers.


Risking your life while killing mobs in the outside world is not the only way to level up or gain items in WYD Global. There are also alternatives we call “Battle Dungeons”

Battle Dungeons are PvE dungeons that Wydians can jump into. Battle Dungeon keys can be bought from NPC Aki merchant in Armia Town. However, there are 3 different variations of the Battle Dungeon to try, and all are available through NPC Aki. Each of these BDs also comes with a character class restriction that must be respected and some are only available to Guild Zone owners.

Battle Dungeon Key (Normal) – Mortals (Guild membership is required on using the key.)
Battle Dungeon Key (Mystic) – Gods (Needs to own a Guild Zone on the server you are trying to use the key)
Battle Dungeon Key (Arcane) – Celestials / Soul (Needs to own a Guild Zone on the server you are trying to use the key)

To use a Battle Dungeon Key you need to be in a town and if you are trying to use a Battle Dungeon Key (Mystic and Arcane) you need to be a member of the guild that owns a guild zone in the server you are trying to use the Battle Dungeon Key on (except for Mortal Characters ) .

Battle Dungeons (Normal)

Battle Dungeon (Normal) is the easiest among the three kinds. This can be bought from the NPC Aki in Armia Town. Only mortals are allowed inside the Battle Dungeons (Normal) and they need to be a member of a guild that owns a guild zone.

Battle Dungeon (Mystic)

Battle Dungeon (Mystic) This can be bought from the NPC Aki in Armia Town. Only Gods are allowed inside the Battle Dungeons (Mystic) and they need to be a member of a guild that owns a guild zone.

Battle Dungeon (Arcane)

Battle Dungeons (Arcane) is the hardest among the three. High level equipments and some of the most coveted item are dropped here. The ticket can be bought from the NPC Aki in Armia Town. Only Celestial Gods and Soul character are allowed inside the Battle Dungeons (Arcane). You need to be a part of a guild who owns a guild zone to be able to enter the realm.

When will it be? Of course TODAY!

WYDIANS Journal Season 2 WINNERS!

The WYDIAN’s Journal Season 2 has officially ended. We would like to express our gratitude to the exceptional bloggers who participated in this event













Stay tuned this November for the “My Blog, My Destiny” or WYDIANS JOURNAL Season3

Congratulations to the monthly winners and Happy blogging

WYDIANS Journal Week 5 Champion.

Congratulations to the bloggers who wrote the most exceptional blog entries about the topic we provided.

WEEK 3 Winners September 29 – October 7

“My musing about the community events… !″

For incorporating the 2 topics and showing the different point of views of the members of the community branch via a set of interview with a detailed explanation as the finale post.  You can read her article here.


“What can i do for the community as a gamer.”


For contributing his own ways to become a succesful gamer for WYDIANS to non-wyd players alike. Truly a remarkable contribution for the community. read his article here.

Kindly send an email to

include your Account Name, Character Name and God or Mortal Armor Part of your choice.

together with the HTML code of your winning blog article posted in a Notepad.

For more information about this event, kindly visit the COMMUNITY MANAGERS BLOG.

Congratulations and Keep up the Good Work!