A fabulous salutation my dear Wydian’s. I am CM Dhar the most talented, sophisticated and exceptional right hand of the Divine Angels of WYD and also the messenger of the Great Scholar’s of Khersup.

Ok where will i start? Oh Hi~! i am one of the appointed Community Manager for WYD Global. the Head Community Manager for the matter. yeah one of the CM not GM please do not be confused. I cant summon Kephra in a flash nor produce golds like that duck from jack and the beanstalk is that even a duck? Or to /relo you in a place beyond your imagination.

I am just a guy who puts the “Ice” into Spice

And the bone in “Zamboni”

As well as the itch to the “Bitch”

As your beloved CM i will keep you guys updated about the latest game development and i will be performing some mouth-watering forum and in-game event for you guys to enjoy. If you prefer guys and girls i can gate crash your academy water PT sometime to box for a couple of scrolls or even visit your guild to do some chit-chatting.


Hello Wydian’s Welcome to the CM’s Lair.

This is the blog where you can read the CM’s musing about random stuffs such my daily in-game experiences, gossips and updates about WYD GLOBAL also C-O-N-T-E-S-T . Sometimes i also give you some tidbits about the game newest expansion and mouth watering updates so keep on reading!

Anyway?… What is a Community Manager?

First of all i am not GM’s (Game Masters). We don’t have special powers or god like abilities like they have. Aside from having a “Unique Character In-Game” .

I am not also your LIVE Q and A section and my powers is very limited on helping you guys but it doesnt mean that i wont do anything.

Our main task is to be your living /spk in game to act as your voice to GAME NETWORKS and HANBITSOFT. I am also responsible for giving you some Community Events ( outside the game events ) as well as some in-game events. During those time we will be present in-game together with the WYD PRESS members to receive your concerns about the game or about that event. We may even interview you and be featured on both official blogs and website so prepare yourself.

Basically I exist to listen and to inform.

Also i will appreciate if you subscribe to us and don’t forget to link us to your blogs or website if you got one. We will really appreciate that! ^_^

If you got any concerns about the community kindly email it to wyd_cm@gamenetworks.com

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