WYDians Journal 2 Winners (October 4)

Attention WYDIAN’s!

We are happy to announce the daily winners for the WYDIANS Journal season 2!

October 4, 2008



They will be receiving 10 Laktorerium Powders.


They will be receiving 5 Laktorerium Powders.









They will be receiving 5 Oriharukon Powders.

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Reflecting about “Pictures”

Yesterday i saw this interesting screenshot in the official website.

Well i was amused and i appreciated the effort made by this saber2 guy. Seriously it is funny! but i’m  not sure if there is a hidden connotation behind this picture. We never know if there is a hidden “something” inside the dialogues and whats with the hat?

Anyway my only concern about this picture is  Why is loki holding a 2 scythe in this picture?

It never stops! saber2 submitted another PAINT masterpiece and like his old topic it involves a GM and a CM again!

Now i therefore conclude that this guy is confused with GM Loki and CM Tonbarry. Remember CM Tonbarry is the one who holds 2 Scythes while GM Loki is the one with a wings!

And oh poor GM Helius . Did you know that you’ve hammered GM Helius’ Sexy-ness in that comics.. “Aw”

anyway who’s the archer guy standing at the top of the tree.. literally.

i wonder if there will be part 3 of this series…

anyway just a random thought for the day

i saw this from Flickr and its kinda true.

Anyway guys and dolls stay connected with your favorite GMs and Cms by emailing us:

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GM Aesir and GM Helius.

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Where am i Challenge!

For those who love Hide and Seek game! Check this out!

If you find the CM in-game during the scheduled and announced time..

Post your screen shot here!

The first one to POST a screenshot will win the prize !


Upload your screenshot to Free Image Uploader site such as Image Shack, Photobucket and Tiny Pic.

Post the URL of your screenshot as well as your character name in the comment box that you will see below.

[SPOTLIGHT] -Chaos- of Zeus

Its a just like any normal day here at WYDGlobal. Roaming and hanging around with my friends. Saying our “Hi”s and “Hello”s to everyone. (Sigh*) With a deep boring breath, I sat down looking for someone or some “THING” that can be interesting…and I saw -Chaos- of Zeus. He was pink all over from Neck to toe.

Like I always say, “It takes a REAL man to wear pink.”…uhhh…maybe right? RIGHT!! XD
Cm Tonberry: First Question!! XD

1.) Q: Do you like Pancakes?
-Chaos-: Pancakes are like the nicest thing to eat in the world especially with
loads of junk on top.
CM Tonberry: Ummm..yeah junk…like what exactly? XD
-Chaos-: Chocolae syrup, some butter, sugar….
-Chaos-: Yeah!! That too!! XD lol

2.) Waffles? How about waffles?
-Chaos-: Same way with pancakes. I like them especially when they’re newly baked..cooked…whatever.
CM Tonberry:and MAPLE SYRUP!! XD
-Chaos-: You love maple syrup don’t ya? lol
CM Tonberry:With pancakes and waffles, I do, very much!! XD lol I’m the one asking questions around here!! Give me Laktoreriums!! lol XD
-Chaos-: Lol!! XD

3.) Q: How long have you been playing?
-Chaos-: I have played SD for a year before I heard the WYD was about to open. So the very same day WYD opened I created the character you see before you right now, I never remade.
CM Tonberry:Thank you for supporting WYDGlobal throughout!! I’m so happy!! We are happy to hear that from you. Thanks!! XD
-Chaos-: Your such a dedicated team.
CM Tonberry:Awww thanks!! I could Hug huggie huggie hug you right now!! If only I can!! XD GM Fury always hugs me in the office while working!! She likes to hug me…and I don’t know why!! XD Ohhhh!! She’s like my mommy at the office. XD She’s sweet and pretty too!!
-Chaos-: I will bear hug you!! I wanna hug you too!! Send me your picture!!
CM Tonberry: I wanted too…but I’m not allowed to do so!! Sowee!! v.v You’ll kidnapp me!! XD lol
-Chaos-: Yes!! And I’ll bear hug you till’ your cheeks turn to puffy pink!! And hug you some more!! RAWR!! XD

4.) Q: What’s your favorite thing to do while Online?
-Chaos-: wow, the thing is with WYD there is so much to do the first thing I do religously when I log in is go into pk arena and kill all in there just for a laugh and see people say, “Wow!!” lol and then second favourite is talking to the many very nice people of WYD my third best is hunting but thats been bad due to low drop rate recentlyand then finally clicking watersfor some reason i love itwatching my level go up and leveling up rocks XD

5.) Q: How’s Zeus holding up?
-Chaos-: Zeus is one of those guilds that seems etched in stone. TAHOE as an amazing leader
I read an article the other day on how to be a good leader and Tahoe does it all
I have a lot of respect for him and our subs. I aim to be a sub one day to improve zeus even further
but for now Zeus is at the top of its game one word to describe the guild atm, Untouchable

6.) Q: Who’s your favorite CM?
-Chaos-: Which one has the biggest boobs…haha only joking please don’t publish
You of course you offer to hug me X3
CM Tonberry:lol!! I don’t have big boobies!! But they say it makes me look cute!GM Fury keeps hugging me…she said that I look like a kid…a babyface. XD Hugs are good once in a while…but when it gets too long I get annoyed!! i throw marshmallows at her…grrrrr…^,..,^
-Chaos-: I want HUG you so bad!! XD
CM Tonberry:Me too!! XD lol You’re so sweet!! Giving me a hug!!
-Chaos-: Hehehehe!! Yeah!! But only to you I’ll give a BEAR HUG!! RAWR!!
CM Tonberry:XD NooooOoooo!!

-Chaos- of Zeus loves bear hugs…I don’t know if its the friendly hug or the unbearable hug…hmmmm..Oh well!! I hope you enjoy my little interview with -Chaos- of Zeus Guild!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!! Ciao!!

Crossposter from CM Tonbarry’s flight

Wydians Journal WINNERS for August 18

Attention Wydians!!!

Here are the winners for the WYDIANS JOURNAL Contest (August 18 2008):




Best Guide of the Day:


Celestial Guide

Hilarious Blog Entry of the Day:


Interview with the Sultan!


Master Card Commercial

Griffon Master The Explorer Award:


My Trip to Bicol

Best Blog Entry of the Day:


Olympics Fever Hits WYD Hard! (Part II)

Each of them will receive 2 additional Laktorerium Powders.


The winners will receive 3 Laktorerium powders.

Please keep your blog updated for a chance to become one of the 3 lucky winners of the grand prize after the event.

For more information about this event, kindly visit the Community Managers Blog.

Thank you and have fun.

CM’s Personal Blog!

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Reflecting about GM’s and the CM’s Looks PART 2

Allow me to continue the discussion about the Looks of youre friendly neighborhood ( sorry guys not spider man! ). So lets start with GM Loki.

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars….

Obviously this “smexxy little purple lady “is using Succubus as her Avatar. For those who didnt know what a Succubus mean it is the 8th skill of the beast masters summoning skill and a little bit of trivia Succubus is a demon, who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks , in dreams to have sexual intercourse. ( sounds hot? nah…. but come to think of it lol… ).

The next victim to our beloved spin the bottle game ( is it? ) is  GM Nemesis.

I believe i can fly ohhh..

This GM is another Sexy avatar user err… anyway she uses some sort of evolved Valkyrie Rosen as her avatar.

Some Lazy Valkyrie doing her shopping spree of WYDIAN corpse.

She completes her avatar by equipping 2 Dual Bloody Axe or a Giant Pink Scythe!. She looks more sinsiter than Loki IMO.

Bumming around on GM Land…

And yes that my UBER Giant Steed! Anyway we will be continuing the discussion about the other GM’s look in the next update. Thats all for now! toodles~