Back to Back Events and Promo!

Whats New After the Maintenance?

Here are the updates to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on August 11, 2008.

Game Updates:

♦ Modified Price on Nell

♦ Guild Assembly on Saturday 20:00 – 22:00 Game Time (August 30,2008)

♦ Unisus Essence are now available on Nell

♦ Silver Wyden are now available on Nell

New Event:

♦ Mystic Journey Event

All event items on Mystic Journey Event will be deleted after the event period

Good luck and have fun!

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A warning to all WYD Global Players… “We are watching you!”

Image from Meet the Fockers movie.


Please be informed that due to alarming number of complains that we are receiving everyday in our Q&A section regarding those players that are using 3rd party program such as “cheat engine”, WYD Global Team doubled their effort and stricter to those players that are using any cheats or other 3rd party programs. Any players caught and proven true that they are really using any 3rd party Program will “Ban Permanently” including all their sub accounts.


Please be informed that we will strictly monitor Kephra for bug abuser, please be reminded that if we caught you doing such violation we will blocked
all your accounts including the main and the sub accounts for 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for your outmost understanding and  cooperation!

WYD Global Team