Reflecting about “Community Scouts”

WYD Global Launches Community Scout System.

To have a united community, the WYD Global community managers decided to search and decided to hire players to become a scout that will act as a representative or a middle man especially for the players from non-English speaking countries.

They will become the assistants of the community managers and they will handle some task such as community coordinators, feedback gathering and forum moderation.

The recruitment period will start on Nov.4 and will end on Nov 18, 2008.

All interested applicants are welcome as long as they possess all the qualifications needed.

Visit for more information.


2 Responses

  1. I think this is a great idea, but I think there should be exceptions to the level 355 god rule if a person has a good application. 😀 Like me, I wanted to apply but my god was just made last week and I won’t be 355 til after the positions are filled.

  2. actually if u played wyd global for atleast 3-6 months.. you are qualified.. the lvl req is just a cover…. but still a factor

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