Reflecting about “October Insights”

Wake up guys and dolls because it is already October! Do you remember my event highlights last September? I bet you did! Anyway let me give you my opening salvo for this month because we will make you feel busy this month!

Battle of the Noobs!

I know you guys are craving for an event that will boost the newbies so our team decided to conduct a special event just for our beloved mortal and for the reward it is something that you can’t even imagine.
I won’t spoil most of the details because it will be up on Tuesday! So better watch out and better not cry if ever you are still a newbie up to now!

Fill me in!

And of probably this is another event named after a song! Got entertained by newbcaKes funny comics strip? WYDian’s its now your time to create your very own comics strip. So keep that creative juiced flowing and win tons of exciting prizes!

Catch an Angel!

And oh we are not talking about Kafma IV most popularly known as Kephra’s best friend forever but this time but we are talking about another angel. Imagine an super easy hide and seek that involves active participation even if your outside the game or inside. Just make sure that those “Print Screen Button” is working!

Shout for Joy extreme changes!

Instead of 2 laks you will win 3 laks permanently! But the catch is you need to answer our question within 3 minutes or else. The questions will be changed. Good News! We will be removing the “guess the server on where the cm is” because I know that you guys feel that it is a waste of shouts and the implementation? This Tuesday!

That’s not all stay tuned for more updates here in the CM’s blog
So prepare yourself because it will be a bumpy ride this October!


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  1. this person just keeps the good comments, cleaning his page out of criticism and correction.

    if you are a real blogger, you will accept all comments weather its good or bad.

    or your just to jerky to show all your dirts from other bloggers?
    such a noob.. blah!

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