Reflecting about the Pig Race!

NOTE: This is the first ever V-Log  (Video Log or Video Blog ) that i will post in my blog. So watching streaming videos are required. I may post lots of Vlog soon.

GM Loki got it and I also have it? Who think that Pigs or Wild Boar mounts are one of the not so popular or even useless mounts in-game! Well we will prove you wrong guys and dolls since from this day onwards we will appreciate the importance of our shiny little yellow creature.

The Race Car!

It all started out of boredom when I decided to held an unofficial mini event called the Pigs race. Certainly it was unofficial and as I supposed it is a surprise as a result the players are expecting nothing from us. But as a Good Samaritan we gave a little bit of appreciation trophy to the player who lends some of their time to have fun with us.

Originally the event materialized because of the request of the gamers in the past. They want a race event but as we all know it is a little bit impossible because some characters have a movement speed advantage by default compared to other characters especially Foema’s. Presenting the test run!

The Course : GM LAND

So Loki and and I decided to make a test run in the famous GM landia. Which is a graphically suitable for a race track but technicaly none because the  problem is some of the red tiles are not acessible but hey no one can stop this event so we give it a go.

Loki win the race and at the end we ended up PK’ing each other and it even involves CM T and claire whose in the GM land for the spotlight interview.

The Real Deal

Image from Alia

More than 15 players participated in this event casual players to prominent players alike. Some are riding wild boars and some comes with their trusty little pig while some become the pigs or wild boar itself. As I said during the event “Ride a pig or be a Pig!” and I mean it literally. Special thanks to the MountCaptor who sells a transformation scroll that can turn you to a monster of your choice. There are even some spectators who arrive at the event just to watch.


So here is the real course from Azran to Armia the first one to arrive at the armia bridge or pass Alia and KawaiiSan ( The Goal ) will win the trophy ( 1 Laktorerium Powder ).

Image from Alia

At the end of the race players hanged out inside armia town to show of their pigs as well as too cheer off and motivate each other and of course the much awaited second course.

The Final Course: Armia Town to Azran Town Ship (thyrene)

In this course we need to race from Armia Town up to the ship in Azran where thyrene is waiting; thyrene will record the first 10 races who arrives and they will win the prize.

The players arrived safely in the destination and the suprise event has ended. In the end most of the players enjoyed and appreciated it and they are requesting for it to be an official event,  An an event is not an event without your traditional picture taking so before we bid goodbye to each other we capture our kodak moments in this memorable event.

Till then ^^


2 Responses

  1. lol ^__^ that was really fun and thanks CM and GM for choosing me as a watcher! 😉

  2. I wan all my shouts in a pack too!!! saves space xD Teach me how =/

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