[Spotlight] GM Loki Part 2 of 2

Sorry for the long delay but this will be the final part of the interview with GM Loki and lets call this the question and answer portion!

CM Dhar: Many bloggers blogged about you as their Favorite GM and sorry for the lack of a better word awhile ago it’s not just “many” or “some” but the “majority”.

CM Dhar:What is your reaction about that?

GM Loki says: Well i am very happy. I didn’t expect that they will choose me.  I wanna thank them one by one and for me  and even though they win or lose in this competition I want them to remember that win or lose you guys will always be in my heart and I wont forgot the people who love me as a GM.

CM Dhar: Do ever wonder why did they blog you instead of other GM’s?

GM Loki says: I don’t have a clue what do you think? Maybe because I lend them some of my time in times where they needed me the most. There is something in my personality that is really concerned even though it’s a little problem specially when it comes to the player I am fond of giving them advises. I am always hear ready to listen and to empathize or even give a simple advise.

Or maybe they haven’t encounter or even talked to the other GM’ s maybe they are busy with some stuffs But we all know that we have the same work right? Different time zone is probably another factor.

CM Dhar: Fill in the blanks being a gamer…

GM Loki says: Being gamers doesn’t mean pure gaming. They need a company and people who is willing to listen to them. That’s probably the reason why the play online game. They want to meet people who can communicate and that can understand them. All of the GM shows the same respect and love to the players but we do not tolerate those who abuse us.

CM Dhar: This will be probably the FAQ of the year! In your own point of view what is the different between a CM and a GM?

GM Loki says: As a GM our main role was to provide players/ customers professional customer service and provide answers that will satisfies their questions or inquiries. This is by providing what they need aside from what they want. GMs maintain game balance implement game rules and policy. What ever the GM says serves as a rule that’s why every GM must be aware and responsible to their word and action. It is our job to handle them profitably, offer solutions accurately, and customers’ expectations should be met exceedingly.

As a CM – CM’s or Community Managers main role was to provide players/ customers professional service and satisfies customers by handling our in game Community which is WYD Global. CMs maintain the community in game balance and fair to everyone.

CM Dhar: So describe the three concurrent Community Managers.

GM Loki says:

CM Dhar – You? Youre so good and very talkative. We are always together in-game. You know how to deal with the High levels and newbies alike . Your always on the go in the community specially when someone needed you.

CM Aruman – A strange livin la vida loca CM, If he started talking then it will run continuously and never stops! Ive only met  him a few times in game specially in in the GM land.

CM Tonbarry – A very sexy CM like GM Sexy. The sort of office attire pic in her blog is very sexy.

Shes a good person like you.

CM Dhar: If you are in our own shoes. What will you do for the community?

GM Loki says: I will help the player as long as I can, I will give them the satisfaction if ever they needed, If they need me then I will be there, I will do what like you did in the community. I will try my best to perform my duty if i am a CM like what I’m doing as a GM 🙂

I want the players to respect us the way we respect them.

CM Dhar: If you were a flower what will it be and why?

GM Loki says: Like me! Sometimes you can say that I am a mysterious person because out of the blue there will I experience some mood swing. i am very patient in many things but when things get too serious that will be the time that you can see what I really am! Rare? Have you asked why? Because I am a very rarer person its too hard to find someone like me that will truly fit and socialize on the people that surrounds me.

CM Dhar: If you were an animal what will it be and why?

GM Loki says: i think I’ll rather be a dog. Dog symbolized loyalty and friendship. The same thing as my personality.

First thing, I’ll put my self into their shoes. I would want to feel first  whats the feeling of being blind. How can i adapt to the environment if i am blind? Then i will explain to them how i feel, regardless on what I see. I’ll focus more on my other senses, on how I play the game, like my emotions and hearing, Sometimes sense of smell. Then this is how I’ll explain:

CM Dhar: Describe a WYD to a blind person.

GM Loki says: “Its just like , every time i play WYD, not only as a GM, but as a player, i feel exited and nervous. The time when i hear the game intro and the background music, the tense runs into my veins, (Then i will pass the head set to the blind person). Do you feel what i feel every time i hear that music  it feels like i am floating in the outer space.  Same with your situation, Try to run freely, And try to think that no one wills top you, You can run, You can fly, you can swim, you can jump without someone preventing you or any forms that can stop you.  Well that is wyd!

CM Dhar: Any message to the WYDIAN’s whose reading this interview?

GM Loki says: To all the players who keeps on supporting me and who keeps on believing in our ability to give what you need as long as we can. I want to thank them for the continuous love and trust that you are giving us. Even though its impossible to express my appreciation personally and even though the only place that we can meet is inside the game i really love lo you guys. I hope that whatever happens you guys wont change be it in-game or in real life.

Be good, Stay cool and love those  people who loves you.


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