[Spotlight] GM Loki Part 1 of 2

In the past few months we featured some of the player of the game. From the prominent to the newbies.  But let me steal the lime light of being an interogator from Tonbarry because this time we will be interviewing a Game Master and there will  be no “Whos your favorite CM? ” type of convo ( peace Ton ^^V ). Lets talk about Diversity shall we? Anyway i have the chance to interview Loki one of the Game Master in-game that seems to have a different bond specially to the operators. I may dubbed her as one of the most accomodating GM in-game.

The Succubus herself who loves her lvl120 Pig! GM Loki.

CM Dhar: Well Hello Loki how are you today?

GM Loki says: I’m fine thank you Goodbye!

CM Dhar: lmao or rather you will say KTHXBAI?

GM Loki says:KTHXBAI? what was that word?

GM Loki says:O.o

CM Dhar: That is a LOLZPEAK you know. Talking cats and stuff like that. GM ZEUS is actually fond of those.

GM Loki says: nice! Have you see GM Zeus? ^^

CM Dhar: I haven’t see Zeus Lately probably busy with his work or something or probably got…

CM Dhar: Anyway How’s the life of being a GM?

GM Loki says: ok! So what up with your mind to choose me?

CM Dhar: Yes i do have a reason for interviewing you but I will answer that later. And since when did you become the interviewer! Hello you’re the interviewee here LOL!

GM Loki says: Oh! As a GM? Nothing is different as a player..

CM Dhar: How come nothing is different there should be some difference

GM Loki says: hmmm… difference? The only difference is they respect us the way we respect them… and as we all know, we are the one who implementing rules and regulation.

CM Dhar: Seems like an In-Game Police or something! “Your Under Arrest” 😛

GM Loki says: and I really appreciate every player that loves me… If ever I can meet them in real life, i’ll marry them!

CM Dhar: You’ll marry them? Oh my Kafma! So who’s the player who catches your attention XD?

GM Loki says: Probably Operators in game catches my attention.

GM Loki says: I love the way they treat me.

CM Dhar: Hmmm Operators sounds interesting XD! Probably that’s the effect of too much dosage of marriage proposal that you received every time you show your Yellow Sexy body in game! You know every time i see you in game “GM LOKI MARRY ME PLS” is a common sentence that i always read.

Now guys and dolls! You now get the answer straight from GM LOKI herself

GM Loki says: I really love all OP’s in game. I will marry them if they want too but somehow they don’t even know my identity. If I am a boy or a girl but my answer will be yes!

CM Dhar: Whoa! Yeah that’s the mystery to be unveiled… Is Loki a guy or a Doll?

GM Loki says: Hmmm… I am a doll if I am in succubus transformation; I am a guy if I transform into male form… waaah O.o

CM Dhar: That’s quite interesting but i therefore conclude that you are a TRANSFORMER! Deceptions’ or Autobots?

GM Loki says: Yeah! Much better that they will be the one to choose who ever GM they love to be with…

CM Dhar: Allow me to soak my head into a bucket full of ice water. Since we are talking about the L word and even though were few months away to Valentines? Do you have anything in your mind for that event?

GM Loki says: When February comes hope I can date them together. All of them! I’m not that greedy you know.

CM Dhar: So if ever you will date them who will be the one to expend? Is it you or them? XD

GM Loki says: Of course them…

CM Dhar: That answers the question you’re a Doll! Anyway back to the REAL QUESTIONS. Have you read the WYDIANS Blogosphere lately?

GM Loki says: yes!

CM Dhar: Oh so you’re an avid reader?

GM Loki says: not much because I spend my time on answering Q and A’s and helping academies if I have my free time I read the blogs.

CM Dhar: It’s a good thing that you have time to read the player blogs ^^ and I’m so happy for that.

GM Loki says:Beside that I also spend my time on in-game Events such as Generals and Academy League and sometimes the Hide and Seek when you’re not around!

CM Dhar: Thanks for doing my job Loki despite of your busy schedule! LOL anyway. Do you remember the WYDIANS JOURNAL week 2 topic “The Best Community Manager OR Game Master I’ve ever known?

GM Loki says: Yes I still remember.

CM Dhar: Many bloggers blogged about you as their Favorite GM and sorry for the lack of a better word awhile ago it’s not just “many” or “some” but the “majority”.

CM Dhar:
What is your reaction about that?

Sorry to interupt the Convo Guys and Dolls but we will be posting the part 2 of the interview soon ^_^
Stay tuned!


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