Reflecting about the “Yo-Ho-Ho!”…

Ahoy! Ye Lass and Lad! enjoyin the booty that the modified experience bring? I be enjoyin it myself and so yer be?

Avast! to this lingo!

As you can see on the above statement i am indeed talking using the pirate lingo! the reason for that is today! September 19 is declared as a “talking like a pirate day”  and for that matter i believe that i deserved an “epic fail” award to the this pirate talking thing.

And speaking about the “booty” i do hope that you appreciate the modified experience that we are experiencing right now!

Just a tip guys and dolls! take advantage of the situation and train your character like theres no tommorow!

Party all night long till your character gets drown or wet!

during the modified experience rate season 🙂

Thanks for those who join the meme.

Thats all for today and Happy “Talking Like a Pirat Day!” Yarrrr!


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