Reflecting about “Pictures”

Yesterday i saw this interesting screenshot in the official website.

Well i was amused and i appreciated the effort made by this saber2 guy. Seriously it is funny! but i’m  not sure if there is a hidden connotation behind this picture. We never know if there is a hidden “something” inside the dialogues and whats with the hat?

Anyway my only concern about this picture is  Why is loki holding a 2 scythe in this picture?

It never stops! saber2 submitted another PAINT masterpiece and like his old topic it involves a GM and a CM again!

Now i therefore conclude that this guy is confused with GM Loki and CM Tonbarry. Remember CM Tonbarry is the one who holds 2 Scythes while GM Loki is the one with a wings!

And oh poor GM Helius . Did you know that you’ve hammered GM Helius’ Sexy-ness in that comics.. “Aw”

anyway who’s the archer guy standing at the top of the tree.. literally.

i wonder if there will be part 3 of this series…

anyway just a random thought for the day

i saw this from Flickr and its kinda true.

Anyway guys and dolls stay connected with your favorite GMs and Cms by emailing us:

Here are the list of contacts, where you can send your comments, suggestions and other concerns:

♦ For any comments, questions and suggestions or anything in-game related
kindly send an e-mail to to be taken care of
GM Aesir and GM Helius.

♦ For any complaints about unanswered Q&A posts, impolite GM answers or
replies, unanswered e-mails from, please
send an e-mail to.

♦ For any potential business partnership with WYD Global, E-Pin / Prepaid
Card Distribution, please send an e-mail to

♦ For any concern about the Community or please send an e-mail to to be taken care of CM Dhar thats me of course!


6 Responses

  1. Yes I found these screenshots interesting as well. I have a question though regarding the blog event. It appears to me that MSTR-Foema has won the Most Oustanding Blog Entry of the day two days in a row for the same exact blog. I’m Lovin It where he talks about 101 reasons why to love WYD. I was just curious why he won two days in a row for the same blog and if it’s possible for other people to do that as well?

  2. Actually i got a typographical error about that .. its supposed to be “In LoViNg The Global Team!!!” instead om Im Lovin It…

    i apologize for the error…

    and its not possible to win a similar entry to a different day.

  3. LOL, The pictures are peculiar, I dont know if I could do something like that in paint, but definitely humorous. 😀

    This was written in someone elses blog about you CM Dhar. I didnt write it 😉 lol, ok maybe i did.

    Im not saying anything about the blog and how its being run, but i feel that dhar is doing a very good job. Knowing how much he has on his plate, complicates things for him im sure. He would have to dedicate a lot of time for him to do anything effectively. While always updating blogging rules and running a big hit event called the “Hide-and-Seek” event, I envy him.

    Great Job Dhar

  4. Hey dhar, after you done doing what your doing with the blogs, i know your busy and all with grading them on they’re content and what not, but i think i was afk if you came back to try to let me interview you. either that or i was offline. anyways, if you would be so kind as to letting me interview you.

  5. Hey dhar got a question for ya about the weekly prize winners buddy.

    I was just curious as to if I could ever exchange those 20 laks as a prize and just get a +11 perfect stat armour. Could this be arranged?

  6. Sorry it cant be arranged. Thanks for the compliments though 😉

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