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WYDEO Watch and Win is extended!

Who said that we ended the helpful and the wonderul WYDEO watch and win attendance event?

Fret not my dear WYDIANS. We are informing you that the event is still on-going and probably be a part of our system.  That means there will be no tentative date to end it.

Every week we will be changing the video and it will be about the Guild Wars!

And for our maiden coverage. we would like to present to you the battle that happened last sunday in Server 1. ZEUS VS. THEBALANCE, The Battle of Armia.

So say cheese and wear your best outfit during guild wars!. You never know if were taking a video of your guilds fight 😉

For more information about this event kindly click this link.


3 Responses

  1. great job CM ,hope you continue doing this kind of videos 😀

  2. […] Times are changing in the dominant powers of WYD.  Zeus’s dominance of server 1 has been shaken to it’s core throught the triumph of The Balance in one of the most historical battles over Armia twon.  With the leaders of THEBALANCE, Dropss, and ZEUS, TAHOE, clashing over Armia, most other towns were left ignored.  Shortly after the walls came down both guilds formed a huge of mass of clashing swords as spells rained down from the heavens.  It took a full 12 minutes of ferocious battling with neither side willing to give an inch before Zeus finally fell.  This marked the first time in months that a blue guild held sway over the primary town of server 1.  The only question which remains is will THEBALANCE survive the brutal onslaught that must be coming from Zeus this weekend.  Now only do they have Armia, but they also control Noatun as well.  To watch their battle click here to go to the CM Lair. […]

  3. Dear CM,

    I am suggesting that since this Watch and Win event is extended, why not change the potions to 2 HP and 1 Mana?

    I am sure MAP characters will appreciate and welcome this changes.

    Thank You.

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