Reflecting about “Hide and Seek”

As you noticed my dear WYDian’s your beloved community managers already started the “Where am i?” challenge also known as the hide and seek event with a spice.

I know that some players are getting pissed or simply rant about the clues that I’ve been giving. Some players are telling me that the clues didn’t help that much or let’s say at all! but the question is why do some players can easily find me?

Here is the bottom-line guys and dolls! Just analyze the clue’s ok?

So for today I will play as “professor” and I will teach you how to analyze the clues.

The following clues are the actual clues that I’ve used in the 13:00 “Where am I challenge” awhile ago

First Clue:

Did you know that there are different kinds of “trolls” in WYD?

At this point you should think about trolls. I said different kinds so it means I am hiding in a place where there are lots of different kinds of troll.

So the place with lots of trolls will be in the Azran Field or the Armia field.

Second Clue:

“A powerful hero?” Yes i know im powerful! :p

As youve noticed i used a NPC dialogue as my clue. So probablyi am hiding in a place near that NPC.

Third Clue:

Not another “Holy” person

Its obvius that i am talking about a person, a monsters or an NPC. The keyword here is “Holy” so think about any “person” that will suits the word.

Use your imagination and analyzation ‘Holy”=”God”=”Church”=”Priest” anway there are atleast 3 NPC in the game with the word “Priest” beside their name so the answer will be Priest Amelia since she’s the only person in-game with that dialogue  and all you have to do it to find her.

Fourth Clue:

i think her zodiac sign is “Libra”

Think about what a “Libra” is. Libra is one of the zodiac sign with the symbol of a “weighing scale”.

Ring a bell?

Fifth Clue:


We all know that equlibrium is a state of balance between 2 opposing forces.


All you need to the is to analyze all the clues ive given. i know its quite hard because of the event pressure but just stay cool and relax and you will dinf the answer.

If youre instinct is correct  you will probbaly guess that i am hiding near the “Power of Balance quest area”.

So all you need to do is to immediately run like speedy gonzales in the said area and trade or take a screenshot of me depending on what ive asked for.

Remember guys the keyword is those words with a quotation mark or ” “.

So remember guys and dolls dont just find me. use your head and analyze. I hope that you learned the art of analyzing clues today 😉


6 Responses

  1. i cant find you in any of those clues XD lol
    im no good at seeking but im good at hiding =D

  2. LOL newbcake, I was one of those who said that the clues didn’t help only because something you said wasn’t even a clue, LOL. A suggestion Dhar, it would be more fun if you got all the CM involved in the 4 different servers. 4CM=4servers, you should try this out that way the servers arent so packed with people trying to find you. 😀

    Other than that, it was pretty fun. Felt like I was in 4th grade again. 😀

  3. oh yeah your catching up on profile views BTW but im still ahead of you, lol. 😀

  4. Its a clue.. you now that we cant give easier clues. all you need to do is to analyze it.

    if other players can analyze it why cant you?

    we have only 3 CM and no its not possible 😀 since the CMs and GMs have a different time shifts.

  5. I have a question Dhar.

    I am confused about the weekly topic. I was under the impression that the weekly topic was for winning the weekly prize, not the daily prize. Am I wrong in this conclusion?

  6. Technically you will blog about the weekly topic and it can win a daily prize.

    at the end of the week we select the weekly winners by choosing from the blog entries that tackles the weekly topic and at the same time won the daily prize.

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