Where am i Challenge!

For those who love Hide and Seek game! Check this out!

If you find the CM in-game during the scheduled and announced time..

Post your screen shot here!

The first one to POST a screenshot will win the prize !


Upload your screenshot to Free Image Uploader site such as Image Shack, Photobucket and Tiny Pic.

Post the URL of your screenshot as well as your character name in the comment box that you will see below.


11 Responses

  1. character name : callmeboss
    URL : http://callmeboss.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/hide-and-seek/

  2. hi cm and gm…
    look my new post k..

    URL: http://forhunt.wordpress.com/

    character name: FoR-HuNT

  3. check it out


  4. Alright guys, After taking a day off from blogging I feel refreshed and ready to blog again. youguys can tell me what you think by reading my new blog about my favorite CM and GM.

    Take a look. Im going to start adding some quotes so that everyone can learn something that Im learning from my Humanities class. LOL

    Char: -Soloran-



  5. Char Name: Tammuz

    THX CM, was nice meeting you 🙂

  6. hi u all..nice to meet again..
    check out my new update…

    URL: http://forhunt.wordpress.com/

    character name:FoR-HuNT

  7. In my rush to post I forgot my Char name: TheSiren

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