WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 2: The blogging continues… WEEK 1 Submission Area

Hello Guys and Dolls?

Guess what’s back in the blogosphere!

New rules to follow, more time to blog and better rewards

So hurry and encode that fresh idea and unleash the WYD blogger within you!


Topic 1

“Things that i learned in WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 1”

Topic 2

“What to expect in my blog this season.”


You can post an article about the topic once or as much as you want.

You are allowed to blog both the topics.

There will be one different winner for each topic.

Remember to do the following steps:

1.) Post your Account Name and your Character Name ( Account Name will not be shown in public )

2.) The EXACT URL of your blog update.

3.) Post the following information ( see number 1 )  in the comment box at least 3 times. (optional). This is to make sure that your comment will be accepted by the WordPress system.

4.) You must link “The CM Lair”, The CM’s personal blogs and “The WYD Global Official Site”  to the blogroll or blog list of your blog.

Failure to do this 4 step will result disqualification

READ THIS ARTICLE in case you got some question if ever you didn’t win.

Good luck, do your best and happy blogging!









More free blogs can be found here:


180 Responses

  1. Hi guys! sorry CM Dhar I posted on your personal Blog. Here I will post again here.

    Char: Godbane


    I also posted all the links you wanted us bloggers to post on my blogroll.. so i wont get disqualified..ehehehe


  2. hey CMs know how you said to post following 3 times in comment area..I cant it says..I alrdy said that..lmfao wat do you mean by:

    “3.) Post the following information in the comment box atleast 3 times.” ???????

  3. Character name: -Chaos-
    URL: http://www.freewebs.com/lairofchaos

    Its a really good blog i hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  4. “3.) Post the following information in the comment box atleast 3 times.” ???????

    about this. to be able to make sure that your comment will be accepted by the wordpress system. we advised wydians to post their comments atleast 3x. but you can still post once if you prefered

  5. Dhar, gotta question for ya buddy. Just post your response on my blog for me.

    But in order to win the weekly prize based on the best blog about the given topic, do you have to post about the topic every day? Or is it just necessary to post once and freely post about anything else?

    I just dont figure how you will be able to keep track of all the related blog topics and how you will judge them based on criteria?

    Enlighten me Oh Knowledgeable One! 😀

  6. Hey guys I missed you all, I guess Im one of the first ones to post for the beginning of Season 2.

    Best of Luck to all who participate. I got my post up about the topic. Everyone should read it, and those who plagiarize it, well. . . . . DEATH! End of discussion. 👿 LOL

    Anyways, again, best of luck and happy blogging. 😀

    Char: -Soloran-

    The exact link to my updated blog. 😀


  7. Hey guys I missed you all, I guess Im one of the first ones to post for the beginning of Season 2.

    Best of Luck to all who participate. I got my post up about the topic. Everyone should read it, and those who plagiarize it, well. . . . . DEATH! End of discussion. 👿 LOL

    Anyways, again, best of luck and happy blogging. 😀

    Char: -Soloran-

    The exact link to my updated blog. 😀

    -Soloran- ”’

  8. oh i forgot my URL!!


    there u gooo hope u like it xD

  9. Helo…CM Dhar,sorry because someone used my character name on wordpress so i used the other name

    Character Name:KawaiiSan

    Link of my blog is

    All wydians please check out my blog.

  10. URL: http://portugalacademy.wordpress.com

    Character: Hetfield

    Hi Guys check out my blog 😛

  11. http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy/blog.htm
    heres the link for my blog check it out feel free too check it out
    Main site: http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy

  12. Char Name: Axec-0blez

    URL: http://axecoblez.wordpress.com/

  13. I guess I did the sending wrong again ahhh boo.. Here I hope is my final send. Since GM Dhar is pretty much saying try to post it 3 times to make sure they get it. Anyways here we go:

    URL: http://www.freewebs.com/nurseonduty

    Hi GM! Check out my Nursing Adventures on WYD!!

  14. Hi CM,s this is my blog. Can u respond and tell me if I have to create an account in wordpress to win.. Thanks

  15. hi CM! im so happy there is a season 2. ^_^

    char: wickedness

    URL: http://theblackfoema.wordpress.com/2008/09/02/at-last-found-it/

  16. heeeyaa cms! hehe how aree you guys..? i hope you guys are okaay.. btw i updated my blog so check them out.. hehe xD

    Char name: MK-Special



  17. hey all wydians,
    check out my new blog.
    Many Tips and Tactics hehe.

    URL: http://www.wydmania.blogspot.com

    Char Name: BeastXx

    bb all ty

  18. Guess who’s back. Yep your Royal Coolness is back for Season 2!
    Read about what he had learnt in Season 1 and who knows you might learn something!

    Comments are always welcome! 🙂

    Char name: Cooldude21


  19. hello all,

    the 2nd season is coming

    URL: http://sultanjohor.wordpress.com
    Character name: SultanJohor

  20. Cm, where do i post my account name, account char, and link too? do i post it here?

  21. Here my blog.

    URL: http://www.wydglobalrocks.blogspot.com/
    Acct Name: NickJohnson2
    Char Name: –Valor–

  22. URL :Kawaiisan2.wordpress.com

    Character Name:KawaiiSan

    All WYDians and my friend check out my newly made blog.

  23. hello again CMs. Good to see the journal event back 🙂
    See u round in game….mayb xD

  24. Char name : DarkItachi

    Hope u enjoy XD

  25. heeey guyssss…=] i updated my blog agaiiin..=D check them out i hope you guys will like it…=DD

    char name: Rosie-FM



  26. Hi!Cm this my blog

    Char Name:muss



  28. hi all,
    new update

    url: http://hidayah2.wordpress.com/
    charcter name: HiDaYaH-2

  29. Character name: Xyra
    URL: http://xyra.wordpress.com/

    Check out my blog xD
    Have a nice day!

  30. Season 1 has ended and what have i learnt from it? Check my entry and u might even learn something new 😀

    Char name: Cooldude21


  31. ermm i know i already posted three times but i just wanna make sure that u guys will remove the account name lol!! it says post waiting for moderation..dunno if this means it is published or not but i just wanna be double sure @@ anyway i am in season two with same info from season one so yah

  32. okay spam ain’t intended but this is my submission according to the submission form, sorry..

    URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/
    Character name: MSTR-FOEMA

    check out my updated blog for season two of journal..hope yall like it 😉

  33. ign: -Ichimaru-

    idk what’s up but i haven’t seen my comment dude’s lol well here’s one last comment hopefully this works or wont be my last 🙂

  34. New entry 🙂
    2nd Submission :p

    URL: http://dewisuraya.wordpress.com/2008/09/02/why-foema/

    CHARACTER NAME: DewiSuraya

  35. First entry new season 😀

    name: claire =p


  36. First entry new season 😀

    name: claire =p


  37. *updated*
    Newly joined new session!!

    Character Name:KawaiiSan

    come and look xD…sorry the last 1 wrong link.

  38. *updated*

    Newly joined new session!!

    Character Name:KawaiiSan

    lol sorry,first time join blog abit noob.

  39. Hey guys and Dolls, ( LOL Dhars Line)

    I updated the blog again for the second time today with an “About me” story and something directed towards CM Dhar. Everyone take a look.

    Working on 1300 hits in all including season 1.


    Char: -Soloran-

    Thanks guys 😀 😀

  40. yo, here’s hakuro. Feel free to visite my website, tho it’s currently under construction. thanks.

  41. wow i forgot to send link zzz.


    there it is.

  42. […] If you want to be informed about  the most recent and updated news about the WYDIANS Journal Season 2 kindly read this ARTICLE. […]

  43. hey guys. Check out my blog. I jsut heard the journal 2 started! Gona be awesome!! Happy blogging guys.

  44. Hi i finally got rule 4 down XD didnt realize it lol.

    character: dirtbike478

  45. Hope you like the first post for the new season. too bad school starts tomorrow. wont be able to play as much.

    Character name: Default
    Url: http://defaultswydblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/what-to-expect-in-my-blog-this-season.html

  46. hola all,.,
    i want to ask about this journal,
    how to in this cm’ptionn.,.,(“,”) lol

  47. Testing*** I just made a wordpress account so maybe i’ll better understand how this journal thing works* Anyways.. CM!! if you did not get the chance to read my blog… I’ll use it again for Sept 3rd’s blog… here’s my link:


  48. btw.. that character name is NurseOnDuty
    heres the link again:

  49. Heya guys im dedicating 1 week of reflections for Season 1. Today i covered my opinions of the 5 of the winners from season 1. Do visit my blog and comments are welcome!

    Char name: Cooldude21


  50. http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy/blog.htm
    Hi guess whos back yea iam back check out my site for a drop list o yea and i found a dragon and also my twin? xD
    character : raizaguy xP

  51. URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/

    Character name: MSTR-FOEMA

    what yall should be expecting 😛

    have fun posting once!!

  52. hey wyd and cm,
    new updates on
    ‘Celestial Class and Runes’
    check it out

    Char: BeastXx

  53. hey wyd and cm,
    new updates on
    ‘Celestial Class and Runes’.
    check it out

    Char: BeastXx


    chart name = OurDesitnY


  55. Hi everyone! Here’s my first update this second season =)

    Char: newbcaKe

    zomg! we have to post even our account name!
    cmdhar will see my weird and very noob account name! haha

  56. heya. new posting 🙂 n update.

  57. Heeey..guysss sorrry about yesterday…kinda forgot about the 4th ruleeesss..=S hehe however i updated my blog check them out … i hope u guys will like ittt..=D

    Char name:Rosie-FM


  58. Character: 4oemaOwnz
    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

  59. hi gm,cm

    URL: http://homaxglobal.wordpress.com/
    Character name: -Homax-

  60. Check out my newest update where I begin to tell the story of how my character began life in WYD…

    Char Name: Kakorate18

    URL: http://kakorate18.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/the-beginning-part-1-of-5/

    Happy hunting! XD

  61. Hey guys

    new update o the blog. pretty funny if you ask me. take a look along with a new hint/tip for blogging located on the right column of the blog page.


    Char: -Soloran-

    Thanks 😀

  62. LOL thought I should add something

    everyone make sure that after posting in your comment about your update, make sure that you have all the links in your blogroll so that there will be little to no disqualifications.

  63. Hi CM

    URL: http://hidayah2.wordpress.com
    Character name: HiDaYaH-2

  64. Hi Cm…nice to meet u…
    check out my new post ya..

    URL: http://forhunt.wordpress.com/

    character name: FoR-HuNT

  65. URL : http://dewisuraya.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/treat-them-nicely/

    CHARACTER NAME : DewiSuraya

    New content update 🙂

  66. hey guys check out my post!!

    Character Name : Godbane
    This postis for the weekly topic about what i learned in WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 1 topic.. soo CMs check it out!


  67. hey guys did u check out my blog. I added some more stuff. Enjoy guys and gurls 😛

  68. hmm yeh updated blog but same website, pls check xD

  69. char name : Hakuro

    website : http://www.freewebs.com/realhakuro blog section

    happy bloggin evry1

  70. hey guys check out my post!!

    Character Name : Godbane
    This postis for the weekly topic about what i learned in WYDIANS JOURNAL SEASON 1 topic.. soo CMs check it out!


  71. CMs! I think I finally got this down!! I’ll still be using the same blog since u disqualified me twice already just beacuse of a silly reason of me not linking correctly. Well please check again. I put CM’s lair and WYD officla website on my page this time. Same as links to CM’s blogs =)


    Character Name: NurseOnDuty

  72. Blog is updated daily, i forgot to tell you guys to look though so i didnt win event even after putting 3 hours of work into my site… zzz xD
    come have a look everyday, event though from now on i will remind you on here daly also 😛


    Added new pics, new part to story, new section (topics), new personal blog post and a new update to the Main page (interview with GM Fury!)

    So yea, i’m gutted i didnt win after doing all that… haha xD

    Check it out

  73. hye CM


    check this out!

  74. Character Name: Caligstar


    Check out my blog!


  75. hey cm just updated!

  76. Hey guys,
    check my new updates
    ‘Wyd War Cry’

    Char: BeastXx

  77. URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/

    character name: MSTR-FOEMA

    Blog updated posting for the third time!!

  78. New updated content for 04/09
    Want to find who is real Suraya?

    URL : http://dewisuraya.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/who-is-dewisuraya/

    CHARACTER NAME : DewiSuraya

  79. Just in case i fail again for not submitting my Character name…

    Character name: -Chaos-
    Blog site: http://www.freewebs.com/lairofchaos/

    Enjoy 🙂

  80. Hello GM
    Check this =)
    Have fun all on the game
    Char: Amnesys

  81. hi CMs. new posting xD
    btw, wat hapnd to CM Nyx?

  82. update.
    ps. blogger.com dus nt let u add web ads to the blog list, so pt it seperate.only alows blog urls in blog list

  83. hi….nice too meet again..xD
    check out my new post k..:)

    URL: http://forhunt.wordpress.com/

    character name: FoR-HuNT

  84. Heya all i just posted the 2nd part of the past season one winners! And a special guest CM Aruman!

    comments are welcome!

    Char name: Cooldude21


  85. Hi cm

    check it, hehe

    email: okaylahtu@gmail.com
    URL: http://sultanjohor.wordpress.com/
    Character name: SultanJohor

  86. Character: 4oemaOwnz
    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

    Character: 4oemaOwnz
    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

    Character: 4oemaOwnz
    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

  87. Hey guys, got the new update posted with a hot new picture for you guys to gaze at for hours on end. LOL

    Okay, it aint that cool, lol, just somethin to throw the updated blog entry together.

    Thanks again Guys

    Check out the new tip of the day.

    Char: -Soloran-


  88. every one check my web site post i updated it XD

    character name: dirtbike478

  89. Hello all

    email; homaxglobal@gmail.com
    url ; http://homaxglobal.wordpress.com/
    character name: -Homax-

  90. Check out my update where I continue to tell the story of how my character began life in WYD…

    Char Name: Kakorate18

    URL: http://kakorate18.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/the-re-birth-of-kakorate18-part-2-of-5/

    Happy hunting! XD

  91. hey guys. Check out my blog. i added a new page about the perfect armours. Go check it out if u need info. Il bee adding another page tomorrow xD wait for it!!

  92. Updated site with links now cm 🙂

    Also quest my exp quest tips:

    claire =p

  93. Hi Guyz
    Its Final posting from america. Check out my site about my trip to america
    Char: Final

  94. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I MISSED THE DEADLINE BY 11 seconds plz CMs count me in for yesterday please. I was too busy working hard to make my blog
    I still hope u guyz like it.

  95. Sorry rules are rule.. and you disregard rule # 4

    but you have a time to fix it so that you wont be disqualified on Septembe 5 entries.

  96. http://caligstar.wordpress.com/

    CM, please be advised that I am submitted my daily journal entry as well as the weekly entry. Both can be found at the above link.

    Thank you and hope you enjoy!


  97. http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy/blog.htm
    the link above is too my blog check it out and also i want a raise!!!xP
    ign:raizaguy svr4
    Main site: http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy
    i wanna win help me out comment!!!!!!!!!

  98. CM, my new blog for sept 5th is ready =) ENJOY! everyone!!


  99. Hello CM,

    ^^ New Update for WYDians…………………….

    url: http://sultanjohor.wordpress.com

  100. Anticipate the unexpected! Thats what you should expect from my blog this season! Curious bout what are the upcoming events? Check out my site to have a sneak peek! heheh.

    comments are welcome! 😀


  101. Hey guys. Look at my blog and read how I fight and get killed in PK area at Armia arena. Its just great fun to do it.
    Thanks FoEmFoX

  102. Yo..Yo gm and cm! haha i hope you guys are okaay..=] i updated my bloggg check them out.. i hope u guys will like it…=]


  103. Hi Guys

    My Blog’s URL : http://lanttik.wordpress.com/

    It’s my new blog only few days, i make it for french wydians who sometime don’t understand everythings and want some help etc…

  104. heya. new posting. enjy readin

  105. hey guys, got another blog, i hope you all enjoy reading it. I find humor in it depending on who is reading it, I hope you find the same thing.

    Check out the Tip of the Day from my blgo


  106. My blog is updated and here are the required information

    URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/

    Yall check it out posting for the third time!!

  107. Hey guys im glad i won yesterday i updated my blog hope you like it xD!

    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

  108. new updates are tactics
    about ‘Farming’


  109. hye all..CMs and friends.. ^^
    check out my fisrt submisson for second season of wyd’s journal.

    URL : http://wyd-baybunny.blogspot.com/

    thx u.. 🙂

  110. hi guys check out my blog. I posted up a new post on the perfect Weapons to have. Remember to get them on the highest stat xD

  111. WYD Tip: Water Shares!
    Are you being Scammed?



    post 3

  112. LOL CMs

    forgot to include my site and also im just reminding


    Thanks guyz,

  113. BTW GM, if I may to suggest.

    I hope you can state in the rules off what is the close time (dateline) for bloggers to submit their entries for daily and also for weekly.


    plz check it out…just my random thoughts

    URL: http://rekover.blogspot.com/

  115. http://rusty2641.webs.com/

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    OK this is the last time thank you and what my site!!

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  118. Hye Cm sorry for Late send
    Check this out~

  119. Hi!!!

    My Blog URL: http://lanttik.wordpress.com/
    I fix the probleme for your blog and official wyd website in my blog roll =)

  120. sorry cm i forget post blog list.
    i have posted now.
    check my updates.


  121. hi all wyd and cm…
    new updatess!
    ” this weeks topic part I’


  122. omg did i make it or not cm PLZ tell me!! my computer so dang slow

  123. url: http://wydglobalghosts.blogspot.com/

    Helloo GM look my blog pls ty^^

  124. oh Hello OurDesitny again xD .. sry CM i forget to put CM’S blogs and CM’s Lair now its added

    and i updated my Blog new storys & ss about me

    Blog: http://wyd-online.ucoz.net

    Thanks all

  125. Hey guys, got the update going. Waiting for week 1 to end so we can move onto the more important topics. 😀

    Anyways, check out the Quote of the day. It should be the quote of the week though because of how important it is. People tend to stay in front of the computer forever just to gain an edge in the game. 😀

    Anyways, check it out and stay tuned for more blogs.

    Char: -Soloran-



  126. Hey guys i updated my blog. Hope you like it

    URL: http://www.weisensale94.wordpress.com

  127. Hi All! My Sept 6th Journal is Ready! Enjoy!

    Website: http://www.freewebs.com/nurseonduty/

  128. okay everyone blog is updated and here is my information

    URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/

    Hope yall enjoy it posting 1

  129. hi CMs. new posting 🙂

  130. Hi CM

    url: http://sultanjohor.wordpress.com/

  131. Come check out part 3 in my journey and the pic I have added of the perfect melee hunter…

    URL: http://kakorate18.wordpress.com/2008/09/06/the-pursuance-of-immortality-part-3-of-5/

    Happy Hunting! XD

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  135. Blog updated with this weekend Academy League’s result.

    URL : http://dewisuraya.wordpress.com/2008/09/07/malaysia-won-8-1/

  136. it posted 😀

  137. HI CMs
    check out my blog update

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    c every1 in game

  138. hi all..CMs and friends..
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    thx u guys.. ^^

  139. Hey guys i had a fun and funfilled day. Did u?

    check out what happened in my updated blog!


  140. hey all
    new updates ^^

    ‘Mystical Journey’


  141. http://www.freewebs.com/wydraizaguy/blog.htm
    hmm want read something good well…dont go too my page…jk
    not really guys check it out..

  142. hi cm! good to see you again i mean good to be back ^_^

  143. Sending in for the 3rd time! just to make sure everything’s okay =)

    Hi All! My blog for September 7th is ready! so here we go I hope you all Enjoy!

    Character Name: NurseOnDuty

    URL: http://www.freewebs.com/nurseonduty/

  144. Yop All!!!!

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    Check my new page of my french Wyd blog about Wcoins System.

  145. Heya all. What to expect further in my blog this season?
    A picture of myself included! check it out. Vlogs will be a new feature soon i hope 😀

    comments are all welcome! 🙂

    Char name: Cooldude21


  146. hello CMs. new posting. Check it out

  147. Hye guys and dolls? hehe cm dhar’s line well im here again wid another update on my blog

    check it out

    Char Name: Godbane



  148. Hey guys,

    I added yet another helpful blog entry. This is a full out walkthrough on how to add details to your blog such as your own little custom header like other and most bloggers have already found out. Try to check it out, it will more than likely benefit you to the most. I use this to resize and add graphics to my pictures. Try to check it out. 😀

    Char: -Soloran-



  149. Hi CM,…

    Url: http://sultanjohor.wordpress.com/
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  150. Some history during Supreme Destiny
    Daily entry for 7th Sept.

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    CHARACTER NAME : DewiSuraya

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  152. URL: http://theworldofwyd.blogspot.com/

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    Blog is updated hope yall like the new clinic 😛

    Posting for the third time 😛

    character: dirtbike478
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  154. Character Name: Caligstar


    Hope you like my blog. Chapter 3 in this mini series! 🙂

  155. hi cm..look wat i update today..xD

    URL: http://forhunt.wordpress.com/

    character name: FoR-HuNT

  156. Reflection on Season One, I know it’s not complete but it’s all I’ve really got time to do….

    Char Name: Kakorate18

    URL: http://kakorate18.wordpress.com/2008/09/07/reflection-on-season-one/

    Happy hunting! XD

  157. posting? !

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    ….hello…. hehe posting 3 times..soz for spamming if u think it spamming

  162. Sending in for the 3rd time*
    Blog 5 for September 8th is ready! I hope you all ENJOY!

    Character name: NurseOnDuty

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  163. Hello CM,

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  164. Hi GM & CM
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  165. Hi GM & CM
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  166. HI Cm , my first blog in here xD
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  167. Updated my Blog With New storys and New pic of WITH YOUR DESTINY GO CHECK GUYS

    Hope u like and comments


  168. The Blogging Continues… =D

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