Reflecting about “Season 2”

First of all i would like to thank newbcaKe for this extraordinary  announcement psoter that he made for us.

In fact i really enjoyed the comic screen shot session itself 😉 nice meeting you newbcaKe

The Wild Boar!

What if we really send him a noobpack instead of his desired Ancient God Weapon?

So the season 1 of the WYDIAN’s journal comes to an end. So let me share my warmest appreciation to the WYDIAN turned blogger in this event. So the first season is finished so what’s next? Well guys and dolls the blogging will never ends because there will be a season 2! Yes you heard it write we will have a season 2 this September so you will still have a time to be an exceptional blogger and have a chance to win some Ancient weapon in case you didn’t won on the first season.

Cooldude21 and Me

Cooldude21 and Me (Congratulating the monthly winners in-game)

Since this will be the Second Season it only means that the contest proper will be reformatted. In the first season used to select daily winners and the process of selecting winners goes like this.
Season 1

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  If we like it  3 or 5 Laks

You Submit a Blog Update  We Read it  we don’t like it  Disqualified.

It’s easy to win if we knew that you put your effort in creating your blog then you win. If you copied it from somewhere then better luck next day.

We didn’t limit the number of winning entries on the past season but in season 2 it will be changed and the selection of winners will be like limited. The daily winners will be segregated into two groups. The “Winning Blog Entries and the “Outstanding Blog Entries”, the winning blog entries are the same like those who receive “3 Lakto Powders last season” but in this season instead of receiving 3 Lakto powders they will be receiving 5 Oriharukon powders and 5 Laktorerium powders and the winner will be limited to 5 people. So let’s head to the “Outstanding Blog Entries” group these groups are like those “Best Blog Entry of the day” or simple the outstanding group of the last season and of course the winners will win 10 Laktorerium powders and at the same time the number of winners will be limited to 5.

The reason for limiting the winners is to avoid those dummy and copy pasted entries that we are receiving everyday and since the prize becomes bigger it is necessary that you adjust your “Effort-ting System” in creating a wonderful blog.

And remember the Top blogger of the week last season? That can be determine by counting the number of days you become an “Outstanding Blog”. The top bloggers of the week will receive an additional 5 Laktorerium powder. So it is possible to receive 15 laktorerium powders every tuesday or end of the WYD week (*cough* maintenance).

Aside from the daily winners we will also be having the “Weekly Winner” Yes without “S” so only 1 blogger can win that prize which is to be announced when the official event poster is finished.
Running out of an idea on what to blog? We have a solution for that! Every week we will be suggesting an “extraordinary topic” to be blogged. The best blogger who blogs about that topic in his creative way will be the “Weekly Winner”

The Monthly winners will be… oops I think I already squeal too much.

Anyway the second season will start on September 2. So good luck and unleash the fantastic blogger within you!


5 Responses

  1. Im excited already about it. Sounds a little harder. I think the comics are sure fire way to win though. Kinda making it impossible for others and eliminating the motive in trying to win. But those who put their hearts on their blog updates will surely win. 😀

  2. another thing, you have any good graphic designing software that you know of free to download that I could use. I use irfanview right now and its not giving me liberty. And ontop of that, I cant find a decent software that can convert bmp. files to jpg. files. Lil help?

  3. yea seems like comic strips are most welcomed to win. too bad i dont know editing, so id stick to my own style. 😛

    Wooo nice update cant wait for the 2nd season with the huge improvement of prizes haha.

    good job dhar and team (:

  4. @ Soloran

    try Adobe Photoshop but its not free.. thats the one im currently using it now.. afaik there is a 60 day trial for it.

    Goodluck on the seaosn2 Guys and Dolls XD

  5. […] and whats more is that you also need ss so your entry wont be that boring. at least two ss  =). and you also need blogging tricks or gimmicks so you’re readers won’t get bored. dhar announced that there will be a season two for the blogging event. next season will be tougher and i bet more bloggers will take it seriously. 5 laks & 5 ori powder are good source of gold.  imagine if you are always updating your blog and the CMs liked it. wow! thats a lot of money ^_^. if you wanna know about the new blog event go to cm dhars site. […]

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