So…this one time, when I was with REALAMERICAN and Norf, REALAMERICAN talked about Apothic a lot when I chatted with him, and I summoned Apothic here at my side and told me not to summon him just like that without notification…SCCCAAARRRYYY!!! XD He was a strict player. Sub-Chief, 2nd-InCommand, and Future Leader and Guild Master of the Bushido Guild.

And here is the interview with Apothic.

1.) Q: So how’s Bushido holding up?
Apothic: Not so good. REALAMERICAN and SicK-NastY just left Bushido without notification or whatsoever. 4 of my guild members left today and transferred to another Guild, mainly Disturbed. I even helped them in many things and still they didn’t appreciate them…sad.
CM Tonbarry: Awww…they left Bushido because they wanted too huh?…Next Question!!

2.) Q: How do you help your members?
Apothic: For the new recruits, dependin on his/her level, I sponsor 5-10 Shares N. Not always, sometimes if I felt that they’re not gaining levels from the past days. I also give them gold 2-3M once every 3 days, if they need it though, I help them acquire some the items needed for their quests, Mortal-God Quest, the 355 and 370 lock quest. But I guess, some people are not that appreciative…so they leave the Guild they once brag about after they have already acquired what they want with you…sad…
CM Tonbarry: Sorry to hear that Sir Apothic. And its so admirable that you like/love helping players with their problems. Gold and items.

3.) Q:Do you plan leaving the Guild if you see its not going anywhere?

Apothic: Leaving Bushido for me is like leaving WYDGLobal itself. I know , and we all know, that Bushido is a weak guild, but I am open to anyone who wants to join Bushido and help partially, not entirely, in-game. Even though they leave me and the guild behind, atleast they know that I helped him/her even if they talked trash about me and the about the Bushido Guild.
CM Tonbarry: Awwww (sniff*) You make me want to cry…So its like, you’re always “Arms-Wide-Open”?
Apothic: Not really. I also encourage them to get the other items, to be invlolved in-game and learn to do quests by themselves.
CM Tonbarry: That’s good!! Don’t Spoil them though. XD

4.) Q: What do you like about the game?
Apothic: Helping others, PK and PvP. Yeah!!
CM Tonbarry: You’re rare…you know that? XD lol
Apothic: Well, I’m just generous and kind if you don’t turn your back on me.

5.) Q: Why bushido? Why not Join other Guilds to have a chance to be invloved in Channel Wars, Guild Wars
Apothic: I’m not the kind of person who wants to join a strong guild just to be known. I want to help players who are experiencing a hard time. I am nurturing Bushido, I may not rule over towns, but I know I am not selfish and I am willing to give assistance to my members.
CM Tonbarry: You’re like the Big Daddy of bushido huh?XD

6.) Q: What can you say about your former friends who left the guild and even not trying to come back?
Apothic: Do not backstabbed them…I don’t want them to feel what I felt when you guys left. Betrayal, sadness, anger. Stay and be loyal to your current Guild. Yes, you know that Bushido is still on its growing stage, but I am here to help them.

7.) Q: How’s cannibal?
Apothic: He gave me his leader position. He trusts me more than anyone else. He trusted ME more than REALAMERICAN and SicK-NastY who stayed with him at beginning and just to betray him and hurt him in the end. I, in the other hand, is somehow understand cannibal and his attitude towards other players. We love to brag and to stir-up commotions with other guilds even though we are just few…well, the truth its just ME and cannibal who are the Celestials of Bushido, and our members are just turning God class and some are already God. I believe in them, and I am very happy to know, that even though we are out numbered and outclassed, my members stayed because they trusted me.
CM Tonbarry: Being a leader is not about being the best. Its about bringing the best out of others!! XD
Apothic: Yeah, something like that!

8.) Q: CM Tonbarry: Last question!! Who is your favorite GM and Cm?
Apothic: My favorite Cm would be You, CM Tonbarry, and my favorite Gm…that would be…GM Vulcan.
CM Tonbarry: Oh! Thanks Apothic! And Sorry about the last time I suddenly summoned you!! Tee-hee!! XD REALAMERICAN and Norf just suggested to summon you…I can’t resist!! XD lol!
Apothic: Well…that’s okay…I was helping my guild mates that time. But don’t fo that again.
CM Tonbarry: Okay…(Scary…*) XD Well, Here’s your two Laktoterium Powders and thank you again for your time!! XD
Apothic: Thanks. These would help my members financially. Thank you.

Now there you have it!! Apothic, Leader of Guild Bushido!! Keep up the good work Apothic!! I hope you guys enjoy my interview! See you online!! And maybe you’re my next victim!! XD

Thank you for your continous Support and Enjoy your stay here at WYDGlobal!!

Cross Posted From: CM Tonbarry’s Flight


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