Reflecting about “Friends”

Hello guys and dolls. For the reason that social networking is the “thang” in the internet today I decided to create a social networking profile in Friendster and Facebook. So dear WYDian Friendster users I am inviting you all to add me in my Friendster account just head to click the “add as a friend” button and wait for me to accept it. My last name is ‘’WYD”.
Curiosity killed the cat but asking is a different scenario. Ok maybe you are asking why I created a Friendster account and why do you need to add me. Keep this sentence into your mind “If I asked a WYDIAN to do something it only means one thing. There will be a possible contest or event regarding that sooner or later.”
The Facebook account will be announced later on.

Speaking of friendster and friends I remembered a quote from a close friend…

There are big ship and small ship but the best ship is “Friendship”.

The quote is a little bit cheesy but its true. Its probably the best “ship” you can have in youre entire life and since we are discussiong about this “friendship” thingy. i take a tour in-game trying to find NPC’s that we may consider as friends.

Aki and Cargo Guard probably they are BFF’s no i didnt mean they are boyfriends or there are something romantic going on around them. I just noticed that ever since the WYD world begun the two always stick around with each other. Certified Best Friends Forever!

The Mystic Journey Event did not only include new quest to perform. The event also brings a new girl band slash Spice Girls Wannabee NPC to adore.

Lets take a look at them…

Uniform Weapons, Uniform Clothes and identical physical form. Probably they belong to a group of friends or something. Anyway seeing them makes me wanna i wanna i wanna i wanna really really really wanna ziggy zig ah.

Its good to make new friends and treasure the old ones so guys and dolls dont forget to add me in Friendster and Facebook ok?


7 Responses

  1. 1st to add you on friendster! heheh. i dont have facebook tho. how? 😦

    i like the friendship poster, nicely done haha.

    friends forever! xD


  2. ill add you as soon as i can man. funny post btw.

    “Spice girls”

    you that song kinda good man. i dunno if thats a bad thing or a . . . well yeah, there is no good about it. 😀

  3. okay nevermind, if you did myspace it would have been a lot easier. Thats just way too complicated and a pain in the you know what. 😀

  4. The song is called “Wanna Be” i think XD

    haha yeah Myspace will be a good idea.. too ok then.. ill create an account later.

    thanks for the add Soloran and Cooldude 🙂

  5. hey i know that you check your blog. but I updated my blog but did not recieve laks or get mentioned in the winners for the blog. if you check my calender on my blog it indeed says that i updated it today. I am not worried about the laks as much as i am worried about not winning the grand prize because of this. I posted a comment that i updated my blog, but im guessing that it didnt go through. please recheck this, I just dont want to be disqualified



  6. Ahhh. i understand now. Sorry to hear that you’re still working despite it being your day off.

    Yes, please enjoy ur break from work.

    haha Laks aint the problem its more of the effort and the sense of achievement.

    at least this mistake motivated me to have today’s post which i think is pretty good lol.

    dont hafta apologise kay, haha. go rest now. gogo!

  7. curious

    is the blog actually over?

    i thought we had a couple more days left?

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