[SPOTLIGHT]Friska of S.H.I.E.L.D

Here is my next victim, Friska!! She’s a Black Foema / Artillery Foema. And I can see that she’s one strong babe to mess with. Last time I have interviewed guys and I think its about time I interview some Gals. Okay!! Here’s my interview~!! XD

1.) Q: Friska!! How is Shield doing?

  • Friska: We are the former founders of METAL Guild, then, some problems occured, we lay lowed, we have a little vacation, and we decided to create SHIELD Guild. And we decided that our friend, Dumptires will be the GL of Shield. And Somehow we manage to do great in Siege Wars and Guild Wars…yeah..I think we’re doing fine.
  • CM Tonberry: I’ve met your GL, dumptires, and he’s friendly and all. I like him. XD (Don’t get the wrongidea!!)

2.) Q: Why not join with the other Guilds that had already made their mark of being strong and financially strong?

  • Friska: Yeah…I thought of that in the first place really. But I guess joining them would only mean that I am somehow would be dependent to them. And some may say I’m just using them for me to get by. So we decieded to create SHIELD that is Fresh yet able to coup up with the present situation and to revive all the prevoius members of METAL Guild. Because METAL is metal, and SHIELD is made out of METAL which is us, Me, Ghi, and Dump. We are the METALs who forged SHIELD.
  • CM TonberrY: I already admire yo u FRISKA!! Autograph Please!!!XD

3.) Q: What is your favorite thing to do in-game?

  • Friska: Hmmmm…I like PK…but most of the time I just farm anf collect materials for doing the Ancient System and  other stuffs…I love to gamble. Not the money cube!! XD I love to upgrade! I love the thrill of upgrading items. Very challenging, financially mostly and time comsuming but like I said, I love gambling!
  • CM Tonberry: XD You’re so hard-working Friska!! I really ADMIRE you now!!

4.) Q: How do you find WydGlobal’s Support?

  • Friska: I find them friendly and quick! One time I asked about how to go God and they sent me a reply with a more precise information. I like it!
  • CM Tonberry: Good for you!! We really appreciate it!! Thanks!! XD

5.) Q: Are you having fun with us?

  • Friska: Yeah!! I’m liking this a lot!! Especially, the siege war and guild war. You need to spend a lot to win but its worth it!!
  • CM Tonberry: Nice!!! XD

6.) Q: So do you think SHIELD will become a great Guild?

  • Friska: I believe so…yeah!! We can defend our tower against Zeus in server 4 so yeah I think so.
  • CM Tonberry: Yeah! Zeus is really strong. In numbers and level. XD And I’m surprised that you were able to defend your tower in server 4.
  • Friska: We’re not that strong “STRONG”…but with the help of friends and allies yes, we are.

7. Q: Are you a WYD-Coin user?

  • Friska: Yeah, but I only buy coins and buy some necessry items. I love to farm and spending wydcoins just to gain gold is somehow, for me, quite careless…I don’t like wasting real currency for a game. But I think, I would spend wydcoins as much as I wanted too…but in a careful way.
  • CM Tonberry: That’s good!! Don’t waste your money so much!! And spend your Wyd-Coins wisely! I’m happy to hear that from you!! XD

8.) Q: Last Question!! Who’s your favorite Gm?

  • Friska: GM Hyperion and for the CM….I think its you!! Coz your the first one who interviewed me XD lol!!  And I thinkk  GM Hyperion is also a girl….so I like her…but who knows…their identities are meant to be “just” Secrets…
  • CM Tonberry: You like GM Hyperion…..XD lol Well, anyway, here’s your 2 Laktoterium Powders and thank you for your time!!
  • Friska: Wow!! Thanks!! Interview me again okay? Lol XD
  • CM Tonberry: Tee-hee!! Lol….XD

Well that’s about it!! Thank you Friska and SHIELD guild!! Okay fellow WYDians be prepared and maybe next time you’ll be my next victim!!

Thank you for your continous support and Enjoy your stay here at WTDglobal!!

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WYDIANS Journal Winners August 22

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