Multi Clien-ting in WYD Tutorials

Cross Posted from CM Dhar’s Reflection

Ever missed the “Multi Client”feature of the game. Today i will turn to an evil CM and i will teach you how to play WYD Global like you did before *cough multi* *cough client*. Oh well youre lovable and sexy GM SEXY *cough* Helius asked me to do this so enjoy using it and tell her your appreciation when you see her in-game.

To do this you must have a running WYD program in your process ( WYDWO.exe).

First download this program : Click Here to Download ( The credit goes to the owner )

Right Click the Link and Save Target Us

Put it anywhere in your computer.

After Downloading open it and you will see something like this.

On the Old Client name form type With Your Destiny.

Make sure that your WYD Global client is installed properly in a folder with that name.

on the New Name tab type anthing.

Then click Rename

The program will find a program with a task bar title of With Your Destiny and it will rename it to the name you specified.

With that you can open another window of WYD by clicking the WYDWO.exe in you With Your Destiny Folder. To open more clients just perform the same steps over and over again.

Credits :

GM Helius

And to the owner of the Program .


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