Reflecting about “The End”

Isn’t it absurd when someone attempted to PK you but instead you end up killing him? Do you have the urge to kill someone when you saw some red names around you? Or sometimes your killing instincts are off the scale and you are the one who initiate the PK-spree?

PK or player kill is one of the must have feature of an Online Game. An online game without a PK system is as good as dead. Imagine no one to compete to? No one will face your wrath or no one to make you feel challenged.

Blood Lust…

Welcome to the real world where there is no PK system. When you get killed it’s the end. No Confirmation Window to answer if you want to re spawn and no one will resurrect you if  you die. All of your “Experience” in the past few years will not be deducted but instead all of it will be lost.

A while ago when I was heading to the office I saw some police vehicles in front of our building. Curiosity tickled my mind and I saw my co employee outside. I asked her “What Happened?” and she said “Someone Died,  Someone got killed”. Of course I was shocked.

It happened to one of the Security Personnel of our working place a while ago his just doing his daily routine of keeping the premises safe day and night and suddenly someone stabbed him on his upper chest and died.

He died in the very front door of our working place.

Even though I didn’t witness the whole scenario and regardless of the reason why his killed all I can say is that I am going to miss him. His the only Security Personnel who have the guts to talk to the employees. A very sociable one indeed! I remembered the time when it was raining so hard and I don’t have any umbrella and he lends me one his even the first person to talk to me when I was still applying in this company giving me the direction on my destination.

But what can we do? He will not re spawn… He can’t be resurrected… It’s the end.

It makes me realize that death is unexpected. We may be a happy person today but it wouldn’t hide the fact that we can die on the sooner or later.

We can never tell. We are like a candle that glow brightly if someone put our flames out then it’s over.

Life is like an Online Game. A game where PK system is prohibited and Death means….


4 Responses

  1. blessings to the security guard up there. the person who did that will suffer karma and retribution. R.I.P Security guy.

    Btw, theres a chinese belief that we all have candles in the underworld, when we die is all predestined. we’ll be gone when our candles burns finish.

    Food for thought.

    take it easy Dhar,

  2. Thanks for dropping by Cooldude21

    i appreciate your food for the thought 🙂 all i can say is that today i learned an important lessons in life.

    CM Tonbarry and Aruman are the people whose with him until his last breath . May he rest in peace..

  3. you’re welcome. life and death is inevitable. and your entry together with cm nyx has led me to write on an entry that relates life together with death and the olympics.

    yea may him rest in peace.


  4. How sad, I wonder what made that guy stab him…In fact Dhar none of us knows if he is going to see the next man on earth knows is he is going to be alive for the next 10 minutes…death is a right on us all, that poor guy didn’t know that he was going to die…it just happened, that’s why you should always do good deeds and maintain a good relationship with God, because you never know when you are going to meet him and when you find out that you are dead there is simply no going back…

    In our holy book we have a phrase which gives the exact meaning of karma…because that security guard has a family and friends and those are the ones who will suffer most…I wish I could translate the phrases for you but unfortunately literal translation will be extremely difficult

    Hope you can get over it

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