[SPOTLIGHT] Arrancar of Ares

Recently I have been gone for about a week or so…so busy here at the office…and I’ve been itching to talk to anyone I can lay my eyes on…and Arrancar just passed by and I said to myself “Hmmm…Arrancar it is!!” So I didn’t hesitate to ask Arrancar out for an interview..date..whatever…XD

So I summoned Sir Arrancar inside the GM lounge. An area where Guild Wars can be viewed and, ofcourse, its for only those, like Arrancar, that I need to ask questions from…privately.

1. Q: How long have you played WYDGlobal?
Arrancar: 8 months…maybe more. I already started playing SD with some of my friends, and the reason why I played WYDGlobal is that, unfortunately, SD Closed Down.
CM Tonbarry: Wow!! You already played SD before playing WYDGlobal. So…

2. Q:How do you find WydGlobal’s Support?
Arrancar: Better than the SD’s GM. Here in WYDGlobal the GMs here are really working hard for us. So I guess this is a better game for me, besides SD.
CM Tonbarry: You’re too sweet!! Thanks!! So…

3. Do you consider yourself as a Veteran player of WYDGlobal?
Arrancar: Ummm…I think so. Like I said earlier, I already played SD before even WYDGlobal introduced itself. So I already know the basics and the “know-hows” and “what-not” of the game. Hehehe! XD
CM Tonbarry: Ah-huh!! Players who played and stayed in SD sure has something to know more about the game.

4. Are you the only veteran player of Guild Ares?
Arrancar: Well…Ryukz, my old mate, also played SD with me, and also Promise. He’s good because he had also joined the WCL before.
CM Tonbarry: Nice!! Guild Ares have veteran players!! Nice!!

5. Did you also joined the WCL Sir Arrancar?
Arrancar: No…too bad that SD Malaysia closed. If not me and my friend had joined the WCL…XD
CM Tonbarry: Aweee…I feel sorry for you…but WYDGlobal and me, are here to make you feel better!!

6. So…how are you Sir Arrancar?
Arrancar: Right now…i’m kinda low in gold. Hehehehe!! XD hmmmm….
CM Tonbarry: hang in there Sir Arrancar!! One day you’ll get your break!! XD

7. Does Ares Guild owns a town right now?
Arrancar: Oh yes, we own most of the towns in server 4, except for Erion town.
CM Tonbarry: Impressive!!

8. Do you think you can keep on defending the towns your Guild Ares own?
Arrancar: Now ”CENSORED” guild is trying to get us. Its a hard time for us, we don’t have enough members. And also, they’re killing Kephra with ease getting all the loots. They’re using BUG to kill Kephra. Because of it, they’re getting all the good items…unlike us we kill Kephra with hard work and fair play…please do help us with this problem. Its unfair to everybody, not only to me and my guild, but I speak for everyone who plays fair.
CM Tonbarry: Well, I’ll tell the GMs personally about that “Bug” issue of Kephra okay? So don’t worry Sir Arrancar!! Its really unfair for you and the other players of WYDGlobal.

9. What are your plans for today?
Arrancar: Hmmmm…C.C. Mode and KS the General lol!! XD
CM Tonbarry: lol!! XD Good luck with the KS thingy!!

10. Who’s your favorite Cm? XD
Arrancar: For now, its only you!! Lol!! XD Because you’re the only one who talked to me.
CM Tonbarry: You’re sweet Sir Arrancar!! And thank you for your time!!

Well there you have it. My personal interview with one of the players of WYDGlobal. Sir Arrancar of Guild Ares. I hope you enjoyed reading this simple interview…and maybe you’re my next victim…XD lol!!

Oh about the “CENSORED” guild, I want to make it confidential. I don’t want for that guild to be ruined because of a “Bug” But I will do inform them about that and encourage no to do it anymore until we find a solution about the so called “Bug”.

Thanks for playing WYDGlobal and Enjoy your stay!!

CROSS POSTED from CM Tonbarry’s Flight to Destiny


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