Reflecting about Shiny Armors.

Too lazy afternoon your favorite big bad cat the head community manager got nothing to do so he decided to have a quick expedition to a different dimension. A world that looks like the present world of Khersup but the only people who can access it are the “High Authorities Above”.

So here in Armia a vast land where no normal Wydians can be seen. But a young man with a rugged clothes and a bonnet appear before my very eyes.

He looks like a peasant from an un-urbanized town in khersup not to mention that he have no sense of fashion wearing only the same color from head to toe. If the fashion police are roaming around Armia, He will be in jail in no time.

This boy really looks familiar. i think i already saw him somewhere… without a doubt he really looks familiar and now i remember who he is. He is Aki.

Aki approached me and speaked to me.

Hey CM Dhar wanna see something new?

I was shocked. The people in this different dimension speak in the same manner like we do. I realized that i am in a different world so it only mean that they have some new stuff to offer so curiosity strikes my body and beats my inner personality.

All of a sudden my mouth move, Its as if it has its own mind.

Then i speak to him.

Show me what you got? Take me to the spot?

After a few nanosecond he replied…

I’ll take you there, take my time Take you clothes off

His speaking in the same manner as Jay Z

After he speak to me i was in a total shocked seems like im being flashed by a Foema. My eyes are blurring, My body is shaking, shivering and the place are turning into white!

Endlessly Pure White!

I thought i was going to be Rick Rolled….

Images flashed in my mind….

Woah What happened to their Armors Glow?”

Aki replied:

The Glow is still there it only got reduced so WYDIAN”s can appreciate the detail of the design rather than the glow. I designed it myself…”.

i didnt mind the new design on the glow. But some facts are playing in my mind. So i speak to myself:

Since when did Aki become a Fashion Designer?”

That is really mind boggling.

SO WYDIANS After the maintenance on tuesday you can see the new update about the armors specially god armors.

Heres some tidbits about the armors:

  1. Reduction of Armor Glow – The glow will not be shown on the whole armor instead it will be shown on the edges of the armor.
  2. The Details of the armor willl be visible.
  3. The Color of the God Armors will be improved.

A Foema wearing + 9 Mithril Robe without the update

A Foema wearing a +9 Mithril Robe with the update.

The updates are much noticable on God Armors.

Hunter with a + 11 Rake Set

A Beastmaster wearing a +9 Destruction Set

A Foema wearing a +9 Guardian Scale Set

A Trans Knight wearing a +11 Initiate Breastplate.

The changes is not that visible enought but you can still see the difference so watch out this upcoming tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Till next entry WYDIAN’s.


4 Responses

  1. Hmmm interesting update, yea they look better without the glow but, will we still be able to see if its AD or PD?

    its like not very obvious anymore hehhhe.

    but nice way of writing lol aki as a fashion designer lol.

  2. the glow would be nice but please put a option to take out glow might be to laggy.
    and I would like the shield to glow too thanks

  3. sry wrong post i tot i was for neosteam lolz

  4. hey im looking forward to interviewing you if you could find some time to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.


    Soloran ๐Ÿ˜€

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