Spotlight : -Soloran-

Since the WYD Journal event started, he is one of the constant winners and his entries are indeed one of the best.  Currently he have the upper hand on the race of winning the grand prize. So who is this guy? his in game name is -Soloran-. here are some of the questions asked by yours truly.

Q: when did you started playing WYD?

A: I started about two years ago and stopped for about six months so probably a while. lol

Q: what made you stop?

A: school . I have priority before this. and I have a future. I’m planning based on my college

Q: what school do you go and what level are you?

A: I go to Chipola College in Florida. I’m a sophomore. I think this is my last year.

Q: What are you taking up?
ACriminal Justice. I wanna be a popo. lol

Q: how old are you?

A: turning 20 in Dec

Q: How do you find WYD as a game? is it good, better, best?

A: I love it. I play alot but I auto CC a lot lol

Q: Usually, how many hours do you spend playing?

A: Without counting CC 4 hours a day

Q: If you are going to rate the GMs, what will you give them? 10 as the highest

A: Loki I gave 2 lol. others i give 8 lol. nah seriously, I give Loki an 8 based on personal knowledge and the others I give 8 as well only because they do a good at answering

Q: What is your plan for your blog after the event?

A: Well now my goal is to win and to reach newer players and and help them out. but I was hoping maybe I could get a link on the homepage to direct players that are newer.

Q: When did you become OP?

A: I have been OP for 2 weeks and 2 days. I have yet to miss a single day or be late

Q: What can you say to all newbies?

A: hmmm. keep on keeping on and keep your heads up when leveling gets tough set that CC and let your char do the magic. Things will turn around.

That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed that little interview with the man of the hour…errr can i say day cause he’s really doing a good job! anyway, here are some ss. Every saturday we will be posting an interview with some of the most prominent names in the game. So better watch you may be the next one to answer our very own Q and A ^^.

Man of the hour

Man of the hour

Soloran, Cm Dhar, and jjracerMK

Soloran, Cm Dhar, and jjracerMK

Hope you enjoy the very first interview ^^ see you next week WYDIAN’s!


One Response

  1. Dear CM, i think you should remove this player from your list. As it is, he is a scammer who borrowed 20k wcoins from me since 27th Sep and have yet to return me though he promised to on 30 Sep 2008… i have reported him to GM

    Honestly I wouldnt have lent him the $$$ if he wasnt an Op or a featured player. Putting him in nice spotlight would only end up in more guys being cheated by him, like me

    If you need proof I can show u


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