Reflecting in the Beginning….

Hello Guys and Doll’s oh I mean Wydian’s! Guess who’s on the blogging scene? Yes it’s me your favorite big bad pink kitty in-game CM Dhar. Probably you are thinking why do I create a new blog? Because I’m going to join the bandwagon of the other CM’s Tonbarry have one Nyx have one Aruman got a blog so why don’t I create one? You can have one too let’s make a happy WYD Blogosphere shall we?

Reflecting with the WYDian’s

So withour further ado i welcome you to CM Dhar’s Reflection. It will be my personal blog as a CM and as well as a mirror blog for The CM’s Lair . So toodles~ for now and i hope that you guys will be here with me.. The CM’s needs you as much as you need us 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Hey Dhar!
    Dont know if u recon me =P
    I am DarkMagesty or DruidMagesty, and all the times ive seen u i was like, Ohh! ure pretty Dhar =D

    Hehe, well, just wanted to tell ya how ure blog is going so well =P
    Keep it up =) ill read it all =D

    I dont like the idea we cant see u tho!
    (Like uve said previously =P, By Naked Eye)
    we want to see u all! =D
    Ure all georgous =P

    Well, thks for the help u give us all =)
    And Cya ! =P

    William, DarkMagesty

  2. hello DarkMagesty . thanks for dropping by haha i will stalk you in-game sometimes so you can see me XD!

  3. yayayay…me at behind u dhar..xD..
    me FoR-HuNT

  4. I was just browsing the WYD page when i stumbled across a link to your blog so after reading it all ive decided i think ure a bit of a kool cat. ive only been playing 2 days now so i havent seen you around yet but ill be keeping an eye out =] ill say hi sometime >.< Take care.

  5. lololo darkkkkk when you see your girl-friend hehehe; hehe plz sell picture wooooowwwww

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