Reflecting about PEP Talk’s

One of the activities of a community manager is to perform some pep talks to our dear WYDIAN’s. For those who do not know what “PEP talk” means “its motivational strategy aimed at heightening arousal.” Oh I didn’t mean that “Arousal” in short it’s just a series of random conversation just to cheer you up!

Sometimes those series of conversation turns good and sometimes turns bad. First of all guys and dolls always remember that as a CM we are trying to fit in the community so we are removing any forms of Super slash Uber *insert word here* formalities into a conversation. Indeed we are trying to talk to you as a player and not as a person who possess a high authority. We just converse like we normally do, We chatter like a normal player and we utter words straight from our heart. And speaking of convo’s here are some memorable lines we received from our dear WYDIAN’s.

CM Dhar can you make me a CM?

Anyway we are very sorry to inform you that we cannot grant that wish. CM’s are actually an employee of the company ( Hanbitsoft / JoyImpact). We cannot recruit a normal player online as a community manager unless if you are working here.

First and foremost Game Masters and Community Managers are different. Game Masters are the one who are responsible for your daily Q and A and some technical and operational aspects of the game while Community Managers are responsible for the community itself. We are almost the same as the GM’s its just that we focus on interacting with you guys on line.

Think of us as a  “Community GM” and GM Helius, Loki, Nemesis, Zeus and gang as “Operational GM’s

You CM’s are sneaky people!

We are indeed sneaky! But we will make sure that if you need us we will be there. We are always online its just that we cant be seen by your naked eye.

Why are you so tall CM?

Obviously because ok CON! anyway theres a reason for it CM Nyx and i decided to boost our stat into CON so we will be tall. The purpose of that is to be recognized, to be seen easily by a player. Its just a personal choice. CM Aruman and CM Tonbarry’s size is normal.

CM i was hacked, scam, want to be OP, inteview, *insert demand here*

This is not a part of our Job its the GM’s. But it doesnt mean that we will leave you as if we are useless. If you got any concerns about that kindly submit a Q and A and wait for the friendly GM’s to reply within 24 hours. But lets just see what we can do.

CM PT me, Money Plz, Trade me, Join Guild etc….

As much as we want to give you but we cannot. We are not allowed to do that activities unless we are asked to do so by the Higher Authority.

CM can u come to the PK Area?

Sure why not? but keep in mind that CM’s are immortals!
Thats all Guys and Dolls. I hope that you learned something from me 🙂 till next entry ~toodles!


4 Responses

  1. Well I must say you have probably rounded out the most frequently asked questions that asked of anyone who is stronger or powerful in-game. I find your reason for adding all CON to make yourself very tall quite interesting…but you are right, no one will ever mistake you now. haha But anyways I was just popping in to say hi and that I liked your blog. I also saw you at one of the mortal general events yesterday. Keep up the good work!

  2. yeah i went to the mortal events and also on the gods and celes area..

    thanks for dropping by kakorate18 ^^

  3. hehhhe thanks for your generous comment CM Dhar haha. i was there at the generals event and i’ll post more of that in tomorrow’s article.

    haha your appreciation and compliments really gave me alot of motivation to type more to interest more WYDians! ❤ you!

    ps. sorry for spamming WYDian journal’s comments (i think i did haha)

    and p/s/s. i love your writing style and now all of us knows what a CM really is! 😀

  4. hello cooldude21

    thanks for the compliment. actually your maiden post really gives a bang! and making us readers drool for more :p its ok to spam on the comment since some comments are not accepted by the wordpress… and some legitimate comments are detected as a spam by the akismet spam lol..

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