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Continuing the “Game”….

On our second games of the general event visitation, me and CM Dhar decided to look at the gods and celestials who were part of today’s GoG event.

Here was Dhar, on the plains of Armia while the mortals were busy killing of the mysterious  invaders.

Here’s CM Dhar chilling around at Kephra dungeon

Here I am greeted by TrullyBallin who was busy killing the red capes, and also greeting me as a grandma lol…. one of this days I’ve get back at you ^ ~

CM Dhar and me were also busy being frozen and blue as we watched the others kill those red capes inside kephra dungeon

I kind of expected that there’ll be the usual mix of the rude and the courteous and this time around, its the rude ones who are the most vocal.

Celestials and gods were hard pressed as they tried to take down Akero General.

Some were busy fighting the towering red-cape but some were behind the scenes killing those who were trying to take him down.

Akero’s minions were laying down their lives for their great leader but it seemed that they died in vain.

Cornered, Akero General had nowhere to go against the mighty celestial and god blue-capes, still he faced the heroes in a frenzied pace.

The dust has settled and the outcome clear, the heroes of the two WYD kingdoms have risen and truimphed over the invading forces. Till the next Games of the Generals guys! tee~hee! ❤


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  1. heya peeps.

    ive updated my blog for today! check it out!

    char name: Cooldude21


    ps. CMs my link at the side doesnt work. 😦

  2. hye!
    Check out my new blog page.. ^^

    URL: http://wyd-bunny2104.blogspot.com/
    CHAR : baybunny

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