Talking about the “Generals”

The announcement is sent out, the stage is set, all of WYD’s brave knights have set out to do battle against the invading forces that seek to overthrow the balance that has been set through years of bloody conflicts. The Game of the Generals has begun!

I would say that this is the best intro I have made as of the moment.

Red and Blue capes who took the time to participate in the Games of the Generals were also treated with a surprise visit of your friendly neighborhood CMs and GMs.

Me and CM Dhar went inside the game to see how WYD’s fiercest mortal knights were faring against the invaders that were set loose in Channel 2 just outside the walls of armia.

Here are some screens to prove it!

For the first time, Mortals got the taste of how gods and celestials do the Games of the general thing.

A lot of those who took part were delighted, that they could at least get a chunk of the action during the games.

As an added bonus, mortals also got the chance to spend a few hours (or minutes) with CMs Nyx and Dhar… (as shown in the picture above It’s me who’s in the heat of battle while someone there was slacking off)

Oh my God! there is WYD-zilla aka GM God! Run for your lives~!

As the battle wore on, the mortals proved to be a force to reckoned with as they fell wave after wave of invaders.

Someone here is hoping to get a screen shot bu was thankfully interrupted by a spell! (tee-he!)

The battle is raging on and the no one is letting down their guard.

Piles of bodies are seen around the battle area but are they the mortals?

I’m soooo goggling over GM God’s rippling muscles ❤ CM Nyx

and here we see CM Dhar slacking off again while taking a beautiful shot of the war that’s happening beside him.

And here we have GM Helius gracing us with his presence

The air was filled with lightning spells left and right, hoping to shoot down those pesky monsters

It wasn’t that much of a tough battle but it was definitely fun!

This is CM Nyx still drooling overs GM Gods muscles reporting.


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