CM’s Gate Crashed Academy League!

Yesterday the Community Managers team decided to “gate crash” the Academy League conducted by the smeeeehxy GM Loki. So may i present to you *drum rolls… dum.. dum.. dum….* a pics spam of what happened yesterday.

The CM’s loves to perform things with a bang so we arrived with a “Grand Entourage” as a result our beloved community mobbed us in a flash.

The word “ignore” didn’t exist on our vocabulary so before exiting to the gate leading to the PK zone we performed our random convo to the Wydians in that area.

CM Aruman appeared out of nowhere…..

And in the middle of the convo GM Nemesis appeard to steal the scene. 😡

I will kill someone to have that Pink Scythe Bird Lady :p

Me and CM Aruman inside the PK arena with the Academy Operators ready for battle.

And the battle begins!

Oh CM Nyx i told you to not to wear that “Hanbok” inside the PK Arena!

The CM’s and the Smexy Loki at the final battle of the operators.

It was an intense fight between the USA OP and the Canada OP at the end the Canada OP’s brought home the bacon.

Till next event Wydian’s