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Please post your blog link as a comment for “Wydians Journal” here…

So Hit the Comment Button and Unleash your Literati Persona!

Detailed Instruction can be found here:


July 292008 Winners:





July 30 2008 Winners:




July 31 2008 Winners:



Note: Winners will receive 3 laktorerium powders.

Winning entries please keep you blog updated for a chance to be one of the three winners of a +9 Ancient God Weapon (28% MAP/63 DMG) each at the end of the event period.

We have the right to disqualify any entries πŸ™‚ Updated blogs will receive a prize.

A Blogger can only win 10 times.

CM’s will choose the winners on their discretion

Grand Winner will be based on their Daily Blog Updates and the Following Criteria

Writing and Content 40
Layout and Design 20
Relation to WYD 20
X-Factor / Overall Impact 20

CM Dhar


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  2. @ saint11

    I’m sorry but your blog seems to be a dead link plus we are looking for entries and not just newly created blogs without even a single post (WYD or non-WYD) to be part of the event.

    Thank you for your time and please do try again

  3. Hi

    This is my website to share my knowledge with turkish people.You cant understand the language but..You can check the style.I wrote supporting titles about manythings.I translated from original articles.I hope you check it

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  8. Oops, sorry for the commets
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  9. Hi Guys .. thanks for submitting your entries and please keep those blogs updated Z^_^Z

  10. Hey guys and gurls my website is english now you can understand someting now! πŸ˜›



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  12. @ gantz182

    you are a certified Wydian paparazzi lol!

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  14. hi dhar

    What time did you come to game?Our time shft is so diffrent so we’re missing you guys I think! 😦

    I really wanna talk with you for one time…

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  16. Haller! this is my precious blog i hope you read my stories especially you CM Dhar. your my idol! Nice Pink attire you got there Nice to meet you in-game i catch you plugging this contest so decided to join.. i hope i will win ^_^


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  23. Hey guys and gals, quick question I wana run across ya’ll before I make my blog. I’m wondering if it would be alright to use my website to host my blog and not an actual blog site since I do not usually use blogs? Feel free to let me know ASAP so I can figure out what needs to be done for me to enter this event.


  24. @ all

    Congrats on the winners…

    @ therealjob

    thanks for the offer but we will just stick here ^^

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  26. @CM Dhar,

    I’m sorry, but I wasn’t implying that you move this blog to my site, but rather I was wondering if I could host my entry blog on my site or if it had to be on a actual blogging site? Lol, sorry for the misunderstanding.

  27. Here’s what I meant: http://accipehoc.com/blog/index.php
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    If that works, than:

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  29. Hi Guyz

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  31. Spamming isnt intentional but do i just post here to enter my blog in the competition..?

  32. Ive updated and its sick!!!
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