Guild War Commentaries

Guild War Commentaries

This section is for the stories of war for each town. Each guild war will be given reports so everyone can see what’s going on inside a guild war. So sit back and enjoy reading this week’s issue for Guild war commentaries!


Guild War – December 9, 2007

Server 1 Updates:

“EliteBR dominates Black in Armia!”

Things are heating up in Armia Server 1 as two of the strongest guilds in WYD Global are in a heated battle for the ownership of Armia. Luckyy spearheaded the defense with the help of some of the most prominent players in WYD Global – Pano, Flymax and mikoooooo among others. EliteBR is lead by Darknoreh with the help of ArtOfWar, PanicoBr and the most surprising member, JesMK of Omni. As soon as the wall opened, the two rival guilds engaged in a heated battle with both guilds not willing to give up. EliteBR started pushing the Black into a defensive stance, thus minimizing the offensive power of Black. After a few more clashing of swords, Black was defeated by EliteBR and won the town of Armia

“No one dares to stand against America guild in Erion!”

America retained the ownership of Erion Server 1 as no guilds bid for the right of the ownership of Erion. America is little by little becoming a strong contender for the title of the strongest guild in WYD Global. Will they continue to rise for power?

“EliteBR sees no competition on Azran!”

With the war concentrated on Armia, EliteBR found no opponent for this week’s guild war. EliteBR maintained its foothold on this town.

Phantom Guild’s rise to power!”

The new formed guild has made its presence felt when it challenged Black for the ownership of Nifelheim. Led by God-Like, the Phantom guild prepared well as most of its members are online. Too bad for them as no Black member went to defend Nifelheim as the Black guild concentrated on defending the Armia town. Phantom easily won and gains the ownership of Nifelheim.

Server 2 Updates:

“The combined power of the two powerhouse guild, Eternity and Babarians!”

With the merging of 2 guilds, Eternity quickly rose to power. Eternity manages to occupy 3 towns and the remaining Barbarians got no challenger for the rights to own Azran. Another powerhouse guild, Eternity is expected to become one of the strongest guilds in WYD Global

Server 3 Updates:

“Omni retains its supremacy in Armia Server 3!”

All is set as Omni received a challenge from the Horus guild for the ownership of Armia. Omni started rallying its members to defend the Armia town. To the surprise of Omni, no Horus member appeared to attack Armia. Omni retained ownership of Armia.

Server 3 – An Omni Server?”

Lots of speculations have circulated in WYD Global regarding the awesome strength of Omni. Omni currently owns all towns in server 3, and no threats have been made by other guilds. Will they continue to own server 3 or will other guilds form an alliance to break the foundation of Omni? Find out more developments in the next guild war.

“Black losing its power?”

Black lost its entire town in Server 1 as EliteBR occupied the best town of Black – Armia. Now the question is, what will Black do now? Before, red capes are on the upper hand. Now, blue capes own. Is this a shift in power? Watch out for the next issue of Guild wars in WYD Global


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